Code of Values

Code of Values

We call these qualities our Code of Values and we identify them as follows: Attitude, Listening,Expecting the Best, Integrity and Passion. Together, these values serve us as a guidepost. We have distilled them into five tenets that we consider a strong foundation for our code of belief.


We are committed to truly understand that your Attitude not only impacts your happiness and your success, it also impacts the happiness and success of all the people around you: including your family, your friends and your clients!

  • A smile is the light on your face that lets someone know you are home;
  • In many ways, everyone is alike, however one little difference always makes a big difference. The little difference is attitude;
  • Our attitude ties directly to our "inner voice" that forever asks the question, "Are you moving toward your dream?"
  • We understand the Power of Attitude and that Attitude is Everything;
  • We strive to maintain a Positive Attitude to our Clients, Franchisees, and Employees!


We are committed to listen sincerely to what someone says. We understand that listening is an emotional process, not a physical act.

  • Listening is wanting to hear;
  • Having the willingness to listen to what you had to say is a trait of a great leader, boss, partner, friend or spouse;
  • Listening is a two-step formula, Listen-Ask, Listen-Ask, Listen-Ask;
  • We strive to Listen to our Clients, Franchisees, and Employees!

Expecting the Best

We are committed to understanding the essence of a life-changing Law. You become what you think about.

  • If you refuse to accept anything but the best, you very often get it;
  • If you think positive thoughts, you'll get positive results;
  • Whether you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right.
  • We bring everything into the realm of possibility by 'expecting' not 'doubting';
  • We expect the best from our Franchisees and Employees;


We are committed to doing the right thing and operating in a responsible manner in our relationships with high morals, strong ethics and good intentions.

  • Act with only good intentions in mind;
  • Use your consciousness as your guide to make the right decisions;
  • Communicate timely, effectively and respectfully;
  • Being responsible enough to understand the difference between 'doing the right thing' and 'being taken advantage of';
  • We strive to live up to the highest standards of Integrity with our Clients, Franchisees and Employees;


We are committed to live with passion. Wherever we choose to go, we go there with all our heart.

  • Passion fuels enthusiasm;
  • Enthusiasm fuels excitement and conviction;
  • Excitement fuels 'sense of being' and Passion;
  • We strive to approach our Clients, Franchisees and Employees with a sense of Passion

The NerdsToGo Motto


Having the right attitude can make a world of difference. When serving our customers, our Nerds arrive fully prepared and with a smile on our faces.


We don’t let your words go in one ear and out the other; rather, we proactively listen to your concerns and create solutions that put your mind at ease. It’s that simple.


We don’t accept mediocrity. We are always trying to push the envelope and striving to serve our customers better. That's the NerdToGo way.


We know the difference between right and wrong, and pride ourselves on living up to the highest standards of ethics, morals, and integrity.


Passion is what drives us. We love what we do and we love why we do it. No matter the project, we accomplish it with the greatest sense of passion.