Our Leadership Team

Our Leadership

David Colella - Founder and CEO

David Colella, NerdsToGo founder, brings more than 15 years experience in Technology Sales, Marketing and Management to NerdsToGo, Inc. Colella, 47, served various sales, management, and executive positions with various high-tech companies. Colella began his career with IBM where he built his business foundation by serving in both sales and management roles within the company. Prior to NerdsToGo, Colella served as President and CEO of WebInflight, a technology integration company that worked with United Airlines and US Airways. Additionally, Colella served as the General Manager and Vice President of a few large technology companies where he was responsible for building teams of people to provide technology based solutions to fortune 500 companies across the globe. Colella took his experience with servicing large organizations to the general consumer and small businesses by starting NerdsToGo.

Jonathan Krenicki - Vice President of Technology Services

Jonathan Krenicki brings over fifteen years experience to NerdsToGo's General Management Position. His extensive experience in technology and technology management makes him well suited to serve as a key leader in executing the company’s growth strategies. Krenicki is a senior technical advisor with more than 15 years of Corporate Technology Management, Strategic Planning, Retail Management and Corporate Strategy experience, primarily in the technology sector. He has a strong combination of corporate experience with CompUSA and growth-oriented small companies. Jonathan holds many industry certifications including as well as his well versed background in Operational Management and Financial Management.

Andrew Canepari - Internet Advisor

Andrew Canepari is an Internet Advisor for NerdsToGo. Andrew is an advisor who has worked with with N.V. Perricone, M.D., Ltd. where is responsible for marketing all of Perricone's product and the world renowned product, The Perricone Promise. Canepari began his career marketing technology products at Computer Associates (CA). After a successful stay with CA, Canepari shifted his technology experience to Internet market where he has successfully been growing small companies into larger ones. Canepari started with an online computer retailer in the foothills of Kent, Connecticut called Cyberian Outpost. He head up the marketing efforts and helped grow Outpost to a public company with over 100 employees. Canepari set the direction and managed all of the company’s advertising and marketing on the Internet, including infamous and award winning dot-com Superbowl advertisements. Mr. Canepari is graduate of the University of Connecticut with a BA in Communications.

Chris Krauchick - Controller

Chris Krauchick brings over thirty years experience to the NerdsToGo team. He works with many Small Businesses and had extensive experience in corporate financial management and strategy development makes him well suited to serve as role in executing the company’s growth strategies. Krauchick is a finance executive with more than 18 years of finance experience. He has a strong combination of small business, finance and customer experience to be effective for NerdsToGo. Chris is great with employees, customers and all aspects of the NerdsToGo business.

Dominick Scarano - Accountant

Dominick Scarano brings over twenty-two years experience to NerdsToGo's Finanial Team. Dominic Scarano, Jr. became a partner in Bailey, Schaefer & Errato in 1998, after serving as a manager in the firm. Prior to that, Dominic was a manager at Bailey Moore Glazer Schaefer & Proto. He is a member of the Boards of the Better Business Bureau (Treasurer) and the Quinnipiac Chamber of Commerce (Treasurer). Dominic also serves on St. Therese Parish’s Finance Council. He is a member of the American Institute of CPAs and the CT Society of CPAs. Dominic holds a BS in Accounting from the University of Connecticut.

Scott Franklin - Legal Council

Scott Franklin brings over eighteen years experience to NerdsToGo Team. His extensive experience in the legal field helps NerdsToGo. Scott is a member of Franklin and Associates law firm in Connecticut. Scott's specialty is working with Small and Medium sized businesses in the areas of Service, Support, and all areas of Small Businesses. He has proven to be a valuable asset to companies in Corporate Deal Structures when financing and growth capital. NerdsToGo is proud to have Scott represent our business interests not only for his outstanding knowledge on the topics but also for his love of being truly involved in the success of the company.

Morgan Dion - Customer Service Manager

Morgan Dion brings over twenty-two years experience to Customer Service at NerdsToGo. She has extensive experience in Customer Service. Morgan provides Customer Service to all of NerdsToGo's customers. She provides Product and Service Knowledge, Quality Focus, Problem Solving, Market Knowledge, Documentation Skills, Listening, Phone Skills, Resolving Conflict, Analyzing Information toe help the customers and our Nerds in the field. Morgan attracts potential customers by answering product and service questions, suggesting information about other products and services, Opens customer accounts by recording account information, and maintains customer records by updating account information. Morgan resolves product or service problems by clarifying the customer's issues; determining the cause of the and challenges; selecting and explaining the best solution to solve the problem. Morgan is always expediting correction or adjustment and following up to ensure absolute customer satisfaction. Morgan is an absolute delight to work with and have as a part if the NerdsToGo family.

Nerds, Nerds, Nerds

We have our team of Nerds who bring years and years of experience to NerdsToGo. Our Nerds bring a collective over twenty years of experience to NerdsToGo. Our Nerds have experience with serving in corporate environments, small businesses and individuals who just need help. Our Nerds believes we’re grounded as Nerds with NerdsToGo because we were founded by a person who cares about customers and Nerds! NerdsToGo attracts Nerds who are like-minded talent and have the same passion in solving customers problems and providing solutions. Everyone at NerdsToGo has open access to everyone on the NerdsToGo team and provide technology riches, collective smarts, kindred spirits and have creative and talented minds. Our Nerds bring their diverse non-work passions to work which makes it a fun and always interesting place to work and help people.

The NerdsToGo Motto


Having the right attitude can make a world of difference. When serving our customers, our Nerds arrive fully prepared and with a smile on our faces.


We don’t let your words go in one ear and out the other; rather, we proactively listen to your concerns and create solutions that put your mind at ease. It’s that simple.


We don’t accept mediocrity. We are always trying to push the envelope and striving to serve our customers better. That's the NerdToGo way.


We know the difference between right and wrong, and pride ourselves on living up to the highest standards of ethics, morals, and integrity.


Passion is what drives us. We love what we do and we love why we do it. No matter the project, we accomplish it with the greatest sense of passion.