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Jeff & Mallory
Jeff & Mallory Kindred Local Owners

Technology has been a part of Jeff’s life for more than 30 years. He can remember when his parents bought a computer to help with bookkeeping at their business and brought it home occasionally, allowing him to install and play video games on it. With his love of technology, he attended Lake Washington Institute of Technology where he studied Multi-Media Design and Production, and now his background includes over eight years as a UX Designer at Amazon Web Services and 4 years as a UX Architect at Deloitte Digital. He has worked with multiple Fortune 500 companies including Nike, Target, Alaska Airlines, and Lowes. He even once helped create an app that got advertised on prime-time television.

Mallory Kindred, Jeff’s wife and business partner, has a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies in Elementary and Special Education from Western Governors University. Before NerdsToGo, she was working as a Certified Nursing Assistant and Staff Coordinator for a long-term care facility. She has spent the last five years in educational experience from working with preschool students to homeschooling two children through a pandemic and also working as a guest teacher for the Snohomish School District. Mallory also serves as the Fundraising Coordinator for the Riverview Elementary School PTO in Snohomish, WA.

Jeff understands that digital proficiency is required to participate in the majority of today's workforce. He and his team will work with community members to educate them on a broad spectrum of skills to become proficient with today's technology so they can prosper in today's workforce.

“I was drawn to NerdsToGo because it is a combination of helping people solve problems and getting to play around with cool technology,” shared Jeff. “I am passionate about helping people and businesses demystify technology and come to an understanding that they previously lacked.”

When they aren’t working, Jeff and Mallory enjoy spending time with their three awesome kids. They enjoy playing games as a family, taking their kids to play mini-golf, the park, and other family-centered places and activities. Jeff and Mallory also enjoy going to escape rooms and the driving range. Jeff’s hobbies include home automation, woodworking, and playing PC games, while Mallory enjoys reading mystery novels, crafting (especially wreath making!), and baking.

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