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Peter Holczinger
Peter Holczinger Local Owner

Peter Holczinger is the franchisee at NerdsToGo of Green Brook, NJ. His background includes time spent as a Software Engineer, Manager of Technology and Director of Technology. Peter attended the Rutgers School of Engineering at Rutgers University

He first became interested in technology while in grade school, and even began programming in Logo on Apple II e desktops in 4th grade. He bought his own Commodore 64 in 4th grade and learned how to program Basic. He then went on to study software engineering in college, learned how to program in over 15 different languages and wrote a couple of his own languages. As the Director of Technology for a Tax & Accounting suite of products, Peter was responsible for all technology aspects as well as ensuring client / user satisfaction.

During his experiences as a part of various startups, Peter grew to understand the many aspects of business ownership and longed to run his own. NerdsToGo was always the front runner in his franchising research, and he liked the culture, the direction and the opportunities available.

Peter discovered that he loves solving problems through evaluation, analysis, solutioning, architecting, design, implementation, and execution. Whether it’s something specific to an industry, or building a new data center, he always loves figuring out the details of an issue and arriving at a solution.

“Start by always assuming there is a solution. I love digging into the details of what a customer needs, using the various tools of technology to improve their business or residence, and educating all so they can understand the necessity for these solutions.”

Peter is involved with the Somerset County Business Partnership and volunteers with the Boy Scout Troop where his son is working toward an Eagle rank. I am the treasurer for the Boy Scout Troop as well as the Robotics organization which supports the local high school competition Robotics team. He organizes a scrap metal drive every year that has recycled over 50 tons of metal as well as other community service projects.

When not helping others with their technology needs, Peter loves outdoor activities including skiing, hiking, working outside. He also enjoys grilling and smoking meats as well as watching both American football and soccer.

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