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I just needed replacement screws, that are hard to come by (not the generic 5mm variety phillips). Wanted to charge me $99 to 'screw the screws in.' and keep the laptop for 24-48 hours to diagnose it and charge me for that too... A few screws fell out, I need new ones.... Not hard... I imagine this is a case of not even reading what I needed and them replying in an email with a generic response without tailoring a common sense solution. I'll give em three star for prompt response and an intuitive website.
John Boyle
John Boyle
16:26 24 Sep 18
A little over a month ago I spilled water on my computer. After immediately taking it to Nerds To Go, I decided to let them check it out to see if they could fix it. The transparency, honesty and reliability of everyone there was immediately noticeable. After a few days, they got back to me telling they were unable to repair it. A little sad I accepted that this was my fault to spill water I went about my day when I got another phone call. They told me that they somehow were able to turn it on! After a little more investigation I agreed to let them put in my computer. Thinking it was all fixed, I used my computer for the next 3 weeks without any problems when all of a sudden it wouldn't charge anymore. After taking it back to Nerds To Go, they told me they could try a new battery. A few days later I picked up my computer and I was told there was even more water in the system, but they were able to repair it fully WITHOUT ANY ADDITIONAL COST! This, along with their amazing service, transparency, honesty and superb overall customer service makes me HIGHLY recommend the store. I'll happily go back there if there's anything wrong with my computer in the future.
Frank A
Frank A
20:11 07 Aug 18
Amazing customer service. The technician took the time to thoroughly explain everything that they were doing! Great for business and personal technical repair. So helpful and highly recommended!
Kerri McCallson
Kerri McCallson
17:59 24 Jul 18
NerdsToGo, and really Nathan, saved me from a full-on breakdown. I was having such trouble setting up a new personal computer to replicate the way I was used to working on a work computer for the last eight years. I needed Gmail, Outlook, and iPhone to sync in a particular way. I had called several local services in addition to Geek Squad and they all said that what I wanted to do was outside of their realm. After hours of trying to sort out the situ myself I found NerdsToGo through a Google search. I explained the issue and added the extra challenge of needing to get everything in order around a going away party for me that afternoon and a flight mid the next day for a 2-month trip.Nathan clearly heard the desperation in my voice, and though he was in Ft. Collins and I was 50+ miles away, he agreed to come and help. My ask turned out to be a little trickier than I thought, and Nathan stuck with me for 3 hours on a Saturday evening. He stayed until I was comfortable with my new set up. Nathan's efforts gave me back my sanity and allowed me to focus on everything else I needed to do to prepare for leaving on my extended trip. I am beyond grateful for the amazing service I received. Through this process I've realized that there are many services that will fix computer hardware or repair/restore software, but there are not many that will provide software support like NerdsToGo offers.
Ramona Roof
Ramona Roof
15:00 03 Jun 18
So happy we were able to order our new computer here! They were able to offer a lower price (than on-line and even best buy) and it was nice to support a new, local business. The team is professional and personable - a great combination!
Julie Grillo
Julie Grillo
18:14 18 May 18
My computer was a mess of hardware and software issues. The nerds fixed it right up and it has never run better! I feel like the prices were fair and the customer service was awesome. Thanks, Nerds!
Jay Spears
Jay Spears
02:47 03 May 18

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