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Your technology is at the center of your world, whether you want to admit it or not. You use it to keep in touch with loved ones, run your business, research vacations, manage your finances, and so much more. So, when your computer, laptop, smartphone, or network breaks, you need it fixed, and it needs to be repaired as quickly as possible.

With NerdsToGo you can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to any technical support issue you may have. Our IT support company is knowledgeable in all issues on all devices, so no matter what the issue is, we can diagnose it and repair it so you can get back in business and back to your life.

Meet The Huntsville, AL - Franchise Owner Tim Adams

Hi! I’m Tim Adams, the proud franchise owner of the Huntsville, Alabama, NerdsToGo location. My career thus far has all been in the healthcare sector: I was an active-duty anesthesiologist for the US Navy for eight years, ran my own private practice for six years, and then started a healthcare outsourcing company, where I serve as President and Chief Medical Officer.

I have gained invaluable knowledge in both customer service and business management and I am excited to broaden my horizons and translate my experience into the technology industry. I love that NerdsToGo is all about helping others with their technology needs, and I can’t wait to help the good people of Huntsville with theirs.

When I am not working, I can be seen training for my next marathon or spending quality time with my wife and two teenage daughters. If you stop in to the Huntsville store, make sure to say hello. I look forward to meeting you and helping you with all of your technology issues.

NerdsToGo Huntsville, AL Owner Tim Adams
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The Importance of Technology

Smartphones, computers, smart-devices and other technological advancements have all become important parts of our lives, and we depend on these devices to work when and how we need them to. However, it’s not always easy to repair the problems that emerge with daily usage. When a device doesn’t operate correctly, you don’t have much time to waste, as delays may result in more serious consequences, such as lost data, or missed communications. NerdsToGo understands the importance of your technology and we’re always on-call, ready to help you resolve your issue quickly and get your life functioning normally again

Contact NerdsToGo Now for Quick Computer Repairs and ALL of your IT Support Needs

When your technology isn’t up to par, it can be extremely frustrating. You just want to get stuff done and your technology has other plans. Luckily, our computer repair and networking engineers are here to help. The members of our IT team have a minimum of five years of experience with technology, so we can confidently repair any issue you have, including slow computers, cracked cellphone screens, network issues, and laptops that won’t turn on. And since we know how important technology is to you, we always charge fair prices—we don’t believe in taking advantage of you during your time of distress.

Is your computer running so slow it makes you want to scream? Life’s too short to deal with that. Call a Nerd today to make your computer run like new again.

Are you a business owner looking to outsource your IT department?  We have the experience, expertise, and commitment to be your partner keep your business and running and protected from all the malicious viruses and ransomware.

Contact our computer repair company in Huntsville, AL and say goodbye to your computer woes for good.

Are you dealing with frustrating computer issues? Call a Nerd for help today. We can provide emergency computer services to help you get the problem taken care of quickly at a reasonable rate.

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