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NerdsToGo has arrived in Berlin and a local computer geek is the go-to guy for those with computer glitches.

“There’s a lot of business out there,” said Skip Peters, on-call nerd and Berlin resident. He noted that the term “nerd” has come a long way. These days it’s very cool to be a nerd. Everyone has technology needs and everyone needs a nerd sooner or later.

NerdsToGo is a Guilford based computer repair company that makes house calls. The company expanded into the Berlin and New Britain area in January. Services target teh residential, home office or small business computer user.

The company was founded two years ago by David and Kristina Colella, a couple with 15 years of experience in the technology industry working for IBM and other companies related to the computer world.

The computer guys are sent out in bright yellow Toyota Seion XBs, detailed with the company logo, phone number and the Web site address.

NerdsToGo claims there should be a nerd within five miles of every home, and advertises itself as “just a bunch of great guys … real people with the same real problems, real frustrations and real issues everyone has.”

Peters is a good example of that. He grew into his computer expires over the course of many years, beginning in the early 1980s. Early on he worked at companies and became involved in the change over from using main frame computers for operations, to today’s paradigm of using large networks of personal computers.

Over the years, family and friends have come to depend on his knowledge, too.
“I learned a lot,” Peters said. “I’ve had quite a lot of hands on experience — I’ve worked with them all.”

“All nerds must be highly qualified technically, and posses excellent customer service skills, and Skip is no exception,” a company representative said.

Peters said personality is equally as important as expertise.

“can this person go and help the client and not intimidate them?” he said, explaining important characteristics one needs for this sort of job. A good nerd will be able to translate technical language into everyday English and leave a client with some knowledge to back up what was accomplished at the consultation, he said.

“I haven’t enjoyed a job this much in years,” Peters said.

“It’s cool to be a nerd — that’s just someone who’s a little more focused on what we do.”

NerdsToGo charges a flat rate for house calls ranging from $99 to $300, depending on the service required, and offers service contracts to home owners and small businesses, as well as 24/7 technical phone support, Peters has helped people tackle all sorts of computer problems from setting up equipment to virus sweeps.

Services include installations, systems analysis, wireless network integration services, upgrades and individual training. The company is also looking to add technicians and franchise owners.

Peters is working 10 12 hour days and sees the business growing quickly.

NerdsToGo has expanded its Guilford operations to the Connecticut shoreline, north to Middletown, west throughout New Haven County and east to Mystic, as well as Waterbury, Middlebury, Naugatuck, Prospect, Wolcott and Watertown.

It also has subcontractors in nine other states including Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Arizona and California.


The Berlin Citizen

By Oliva I. Lawrence

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