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Chances are you are using some type of cool technology right now—and if it goes down, your entire life is on hold. Whether you use your computer for work or you rely on your smartphone to communicate with family, when any device goes down, you need a local IT support company you can depend on.

At NerdsToGo in Guilford, Connecticut, our Nerds provide home and small business computer repair and laptop repair, and it doesn’t matter what brand it is. From MacBooks to PCs to tablets and smartphones, if you have a technology issue, our computer repair company can zip on over to get you back on track quickly. Or you can stop in to see us in Guilford. Our Nerds are ready to help! Not only are we fast, we have fair prices, because we know in today’s world your technology is an essential part of day-to-day life.

Guilford, CT is NerdsToGo Headquarters

NerdsToGo is headquartered in Guilford, Connecticut. It’s here in Guilford that Founder David Colella first had the vision for bringing best-in-class computer and technical support services to clients across the country. Also in Guilford, David and his team have trained countless Nerds at NerdsToGo University, supported the vast network of NerdsToGo franchisees that’s expanded across the country, and driven the culture of excellence that has defined the NerdsToGo brand.

Expert Computer Repair Team at NerdsToGo

The Guilford, Connecticut location is also a full-service NerdsToGo franchise that’s been supporting small business and residential customers with exceptional computer and technology service for over a decade. By providing reliable, transparently priced tech support — that always comes with the best, friendliest services — the NerdsToGo team in Guilford has blazed a trail through the industry, setting a new standard for residential and small business technology service.

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The Importance of Technology

Smartphones, computers, smart-devices and other technological advancements have all become important parts of our lives, and we depend on these devices to work when and how we need them to. However, it’s not always easy to repair the problems that emerge with daily usage. When a device doesn’t operate correctly, you don’t have much time to waste, as delays may result in more serious consequences, such as lost data, or missed communications. NerdsToGo understands the importance of your technology and we’re always on-call, ready to help you resolve your issue quickly and get your life functioning normally again

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Few things are more frustrating than a slow computer. We get it. As your trusted Guilford, CT computer service company, we can quickly diagnose the cause behind your slow computer or device and get it back up to speed in no time. Our computer and laptop repair team is comprised of Certified Nerds who have been providing IT support for years, so we can solve any technology issue you are having. Not only are our computer services high-quality and affordable, but our team of Nerds is also always friendly and courteous of your time.

NerdsToGo has been providing home computer repair in Guilford, Connecticut, for over 14 years, and our reputation speaks for itself. Whether you need a quick laptop repair on a MacBook or you require an in-depth fix on the most cutting-edge Windows computer on the market, the NerdsToGo team will provide you with the reliable, professional computer services you need. We even provide IT support for smartphones, tablets, and more, and if you can’t come to our Guilford, CT location, we can always come to you.

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Are you dealing with frustrating computer issues? Call a Nerd for help today. We can provide emergency computer services to help you get the problem taken care of quickly at a reasonable rate.

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