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You rely on your technology for multiple facets of your life. Whether it’s to make a critical business call, to send work emails, or to communicate with loved ones, your technology is important to you. So when something goes wrong with it, you want it fixed, and you want it fixed now.

With NerdsToGo as your Bellevue, Washington, IT & computer repair company, you can relax knowing that no matter what is wrong with your technology, we can get it fixed for you fast. Our Bellevue, WA IT consultants are experienced with all technology issues, including those on MacBooks, PCs, smartphones, iPads, servers, routers, etc., so we can confidently fix your issue quickly. What’s more, we provide emergency repair service around the clock, so you never have to go long without your technology.

Meet the Bellevue, WA - Franchise Owner 
Michael Santiago

Hello Eastside! My name is Michael Santiago and I'm the proud owner of NerdsToGo Bellevue. I jumped at the chance to open a NerdsToGo location here on the Eastside as it allows me to combine my passions for technology and helping others in need. I personally know how exciting new technology can be when it works, and I also understand how frustrating it is when the tech gremlins show up.

I've spent the majority of my career within customer centric roles at tech startups across the Greater Seattle area. I'm excited to bring that same outstanding level of customer service to you; the people we are fortunate enough to serve!

NerdsToGo Bellevue, WA Owner Michael Santiago
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The Importance of Technology

Smartphones, computers, smart-devices and other technological advancements have all become important parts of our lives, and we depend on these devices to work when and how we need them to. However, it’s not always easy to repair the problems that emerge with daily usage. When a device doesn’t operate correctly, you don’t have much time to waste, as delays may result in more serious consequences, such as lost data, or missed communications. NerdsToGo understands the importance of your technology and we’re always on-call, ready to help you resolve your issue quickly and get your life functioning normally again

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Whether you are battling a slow computer or you have a cracked phone screen, dealing with less-than-perfect technology is downright frustrating. We get it. That’s why our home computer repair services strive to provide you with quick, effective service. Our team of IT consultants are required to have a minimum of ten years of experience within the industry, so they will be able to properly diagnose your problem and repair it quickly. Our team provides fast, high-quality repairs with fair prices.

We have over 20 years of experience performing IT & computer services Our customers know that when they need a computer repair store in Bellevue, Washington, they can turn to NerdsToGo with confidence. From simple issues on a MacBook to complex fixes on a Windows computer to screen fixes on an iPhone or Android, there is no computer repair our IT consultants can’t handle

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and say goodbye to your computer woes for good.

Are you dealing with frustrating computer issues? Call a Nerd for help today. We can provide emergency computer services to help you get the problem taken care of quickly at a reasonable rate.

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