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You know that sinking feeling you get when your PC won’t boot up or your phone isn’t working the way it should? You don’t have to feel like that ever again with NerdsToGo IT support in Las Vegas, NV. We offer a range of computer services in Las Vegas, as well as laptop, phone, and other IT repairs. We’re so confident in our services that we invite you to banish that bad feeling for good – with a simple phone call to our Las Vegas, NV, location.

When you partner with our computer repair store in Las Vegas, you gain access to unparalleled IT support, laptop repair, home computer repair, Wi-Fi installation, smartphone repair, and more. We are a full-service IT support company. That means our IT consultants have everything you need for fast and effective technical repair and support in a pinch. Whether you’re dealing with a frustratingly slow PC or a virus infecting your MacBook (yes, it happens!), count on us to make your device operate like new.

Have you always wanted all your electronic parts of your home to work together and be managed off one device? The home automation experts at NerdsToGo can help you set up your smart home devices in Las Vegas, as well as give you helpful tips on how to effectively run those smart devices. From ring doorbell installation and smart light bulb set up to complete home automation with WiFi, we can get your smart home up and running in no time at all! Looking to design and set up a home theater system? We also offer expert TV mounting as well as complete home theater installation so you can enjoy the thrills of a movie theater in your own home. No matter what technology you want to add to your home, our Nerds go above and beyond to give you the smart home of your dreams!

Meet the Las Vegas, NV Owner, Angel Gerardo Soto

Hello! I am Angel Gerardo Soto, and I am proud to be the owner of the Las Vegas, Nevada, NerdsToGo location. With our hot summers, our proximity to one of the most popular destinations in the country (Vegas), and our celebrity residents, Las Vegas is a great place to be.

I graduated from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering in 1986, and after that I had a short stint as a production supervisor for a photochemical manufacturing company. However, the majority of my career was spent at Cardolite Corporation, where I spent nearly 30 years working my way up from a process engineer to the Vice President of Operations.

I am excited to bring my management and leadership skills to the NerdsToGo franchise, and I know my strategic planning experience will go a long way to help the Las Vegas location thrive. When I’m not working, I might be seen bowling, attempting to beat my current average of 217. In the past, I have played in the World Series of Poker Main Event, and I am an avid collector of casino chips.


Meet Our Employees

Yosvany Marco

Computer Scientist Degree

CompTIA A+ certification

Avast Business Certified Business Professional

+ 9 years of experience. 

Cesar Serralta

Computer Scientist Degree

CompTIA A+ certification

Avast Business Certified Business Professional

+ 7 years of experience. 
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The Importance of Technology

Smartphones, computers, smart-devices and other technological advancements have all become important parts of our lives, and we depend on these devices to work when and how we need them to. However, it’s not always easy to repair the problems that emerge with daily usage. When a device doesn’t operate correctly, you don’t have much time to waste, as delays may result in more serious consequences, such as lost data, or missed communications. NerdsToGo understands the importance of your technology and we’re always on-call, ready to help you resolve your issue quickly and get your life functioning normally again

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NerdsToGo has experienced IT consultants in Las Vegas ready to travel to your location and offer the very best in computer repairs and tech assistance. We take calls any time, day or night, across the United States. Our growing network of franchise partners brings our expert Nerds to homes and businesses in need of prompt and reliable tech solutions. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve cracked your smartphone screen or spilled coffee on your laptop – there is no repair too big or too small for our IT support company in Las Vegas, NV.

If you can’t live without your tech, you can’t live without NerdsToGo. We offer the computer repair of the future with our simple, convenient, and affordable options in Las Vegas. Say goodbye to shopping around for the best price or driving to different computer repair stores in Las Vegas for someone who will take the job. Contact NerdsToGo and receive instant IT support at your location, personalized for your exact needs. It really is that easy!

Let our IT support company in Las Vegas accommodate your most complex computer or other electronic device issues. Have peace of mind knowing your tech is in expert hands of one of our Nerds.

Technology should make your life easier, not harder. If you’re experiencing IT problems of any kind, our Nerds can help. You don’t have to be without important tech for long. Contact NerdsToGo today for fast and easy IT support you can trust.

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Are you dealing with frustrating computer issues? Call a Nerd for help today. We can provide emergency computer services to help you get the problem taken care of quickly at a reasonable rate.

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