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IT consulting companies are typically responsible for providing organizations with IT strategy recommendations, technology solutions, and expertise in IT decision-making processes.In order to stay competitive with the competition and better serve their customers, our IT Consultant Firm knows we have to have a focus on all the variables of information technology (IT).

Why Nerds to Go is the go to IT Consulting company:

  • NerdsToGo instills passion, creativity, and integrity into each and every customer engagement.
  • Experience - Our IT Consultants bring years of industry experience and a variety of certifications, such as CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network Plus, CompTIA Security Plus, and various Microsoft certifications.
  • Our positive testimonials.

Staying up to date on the latest technologies is the best way to stay ahead of the game. Our IT consultant services help determine which devices and software you need to adopt and those that may be a waste of money and time.

NerdsToGo - Cary, NC offers IT consulting services to help you navigate the ever-changing technological landscape. Our consultants have extensive experience with technology in various industries and they specialize in various business technology fields, from cloud computing to cybersecurity and beyond. Each of our team members can work with you to find strategic solutions for a full spectrum of IT-related situations that protect your company and help it grow.

Need assistance navigating the latest technology for your business? We offer IT consulting services in Cary, NC! Request service online or by calling (919) 372-0542.
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A Leading IT Strategy Consulting Company in Cary & Beyond

After an initial business launch, many leaders soon discover the massive value of technology and the importance of learning how to manage it effectively and efficiently. However, few business owners have the time or knowledge to handle it all themselves.

At NerdsToGo, we combine our extensive IT consulting experience with our commitment to high-quality customer service to ensure you have the support you need to navigate today’s digital environment. We can help you answer the following common technology questions:

  • How is technology supporting my business?
  • How safe is my data?
  • If my server goes down, how can I keep getting my email?
  • How do I know my IT department is doing the right things?
  • How do I achieve a specific business goal with a technical solution?
  • Should I be worried about hackers, worms, or viruses?
  • How do I make sure I’m not putting my business at risk?
  • I’m overwhelmed by all of the choices. How can I know what is best for my business?

Our team of IT business consultants has the expertise to implement, maintain, and support each new technology you adopt. We will also advise you about detected vulnerabilities and any improvements we feel your network requires. Our Nerds focus on aligning your business's core needs and long-term goals with relevant technologies to foster growth.

Below are just a few of the IT consulting services we provide in Cary, NC:

  • Small Business IT Consulting - It’s very common for small business owners and their employees to take on various roles to get the job done. However, when it comes to IT tasks, it’s best that these be left to the professionals. With small business IT consulting services, you can hand over crucial IT tasks to experienced professionals to save time, money, and resources while expanding your company with relevant technologies.
  • IT Security Consulting - An IT security consultant can review and evaluate your software, computer system, and network to see where you are vulnerable, and from there they can create a customized security solution for your facility. Our IT security consultants have extensive knowledge about networks, hardware, firewalls, databases, and encryption and will lean on this experience to help protect your company against cyber-attacks.
  • Healthcare IT Consulting - It’s crucial for healthcare organizations to stay updated on the latest digital tools available to them as technology quickly becomes integrated into many areas of the medical industry. At NerdsToGo, we can help you implement and optimize systems, successfully manage infrastructure, and maximize privacy and security.
  • IT Infrastructure Services - Your IT infrastructure – made up of your computing hardware, software, and network services – is crucial to your business operations. Our Nerds can help you with every aspect of this infrastructure, from administering to managing to monitoring and beyond. We’ll keep your enterprise IT environment healthy, strong, and secure.

NerdsToGo is the team you need on your side to help you achieve your business goals. We’ll provide clarity, support, and strategic solutions. We understand how complicated business IT is for new and growing companies. That’s why the NerdsToGo consulting team is here to help you save time and resources by eliminating any guesswork.

Our comprehensive capabilities and expert services help you tie your business strategies to your technology plan, so you can make better decisions and gain value from your investment.

For more information about our IT business consulting services, contact NerdsToGo - Cary, NC today at (919) 372-0542!
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Frequently Asked Questions about IT Consulting Services

What is the main responsibility of an IT consultant?

An IT consultant provides expertise in specific areas such as networking, software development, cybersecurity, data storage, cloud computing, etc., to advise and guide clients with their technology needs. They design solutions that fit the client’s unique requirements and provide guidance on how best to implement them.

What services do IT consultants provide?

Depending on the scope of work needed by their clients, IT consultants may offer a range of services such as system architecture design, data analysis and security assessments, implementation of new systems or upgrades to existing ones, troubleshooting technical issues and providing training for staff members who will be using a new system.

What is included in IT consultancy?

In general terms, an IT consultant should be able to assess a company’s current technology infrastructure and identify any weaknesses or vulnerabilities that need attention. They should also be able to suggest ways in which the company can improve its efficiency through better use of existing resources or by introducing new technologies that might enhance productivity.

When do you need IT Consulting?

As technology advances so quickly these days it can be difficult for companies to keep up with all the changes - that's where an experienced consultant comes in! If your business relies heavily on technology but you don't have in-house expertise then hiring an experienced consultant can help ensure your systems remain secure and up-to-date with all necessary patches installed correctly. Additionally if you are considering implementing any major changes or upgrades then getting professional advice from someone who understands how everything fits together first could save you time and money down the line!

For more information about our IT business consulting services, contact NerdsToGo - Cary, NC today at (919) 372-0542!

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