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Rick Stabile (left) and Paul Richards (right) work the PDP-11's dot matrix printer
Rick Stabile General Manager

From an early age, Rick has had a passion for computers. As technology evolved over the years, Rick kept up with the trends, moving from the era of desktops to smartphones, from floppy disks to cloud computing. After teaching Italian for several years on the college level, in the late 1990s Rick switched gears and earned certifications in Java programming and IBM Net-Commerce. He took those top-tier skills to the corporate world, where he led software development projects for international companies and Chicago-based startups. Rick’s creative solutions for decoding, standardizing and converting data saved time, made money, ensured accuracy, and improved the customer experience. During this period of his career, Rick built a reputation among friends and family as an approachable Mister Fix-It for all things IT-related. Now Rick has poured his knowledge, enthusiasm, and down-to-earth communications skills into NerdsToGo. Any computer geek can talk tech; Rick knows how to speak your language.

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