Why You Need to Upgrade Your Business’s Server & Hardware

In today’s competitive market, your business needs to make strategic tech investments to ensure long-term efficiency and security. These factors can grant you a much-needed edge. However, if you rely on outdated hardware or servers, you risk alienating customers and clients, frustrating employees, and even suffering severe security mishaps.

Many businesses neglect to invest in new servers for fear of the upfront cost. The potential for downtime is also frequently cited as a cause for concern. Unfortunately, the day-to-day expenses associated with out-of-date hardware can quickly exceed the short-term downtime or initial investment needed for a new system.

Top Benefits of Upgrading Your Servers & Hardware

There are a variety of reasons to upgrade your company’s servers and hardware. Many relate to basic efficiency, but security is an increasingly important factor in this key decision. Top considerations include:

Better Performance

Virtually any update will deliver better performance than your current hardware. The scope of this improvement could be especially significant if you’ve procrastinated on necessary upgrades.

Every year, new developments allow hard drives to gain far more storage space and servers to operate at higher speeds than ever thought possible. Even lower-level hardware delivers impressive performance boosts compared to the most elite (and expensive) options from just a few years ago.

Small boosts in performance could dramatically impact your organization’s general efficiency, and ultimately, its bottom line. With the right upgrades, performance improvements could be significant enough to deliver an impressive return on investment (ROI).

Reduced Downtime

At the outset, a new server may prompt modest downtime. This is a necessity for installation, but it shouldn’t last long. Moving forward, the right server and hardware will actually lead to dramatic reductions in downtime, as a new system reduces the potential for future crashes. A planned period of downtime is far preferable to the unexpected outages that can occur in response to sudden malfunctions.

Effective Communication

If you’re eager to make the most of video conferencing and other modern options for enterprise communication, you’ll benefit greatly from investing in the most up-to-date server and hardware possible. This will allow for seamless communication and a more professional image as you get in touch with key clients or vendors.

Better Employee Performance and Morale

Today’s employees hold little patience for out-of-date tech. Most will be quick to express their frustration if forced to continually wait for network lags. While these delays naturally inhibit performance, they can also lead to reduced morale, which may further decrease already compromised efficiency.

Increased Security

Given the current prevalence of cybercrime, security should be a chief factor in any upgrade your business makes. Old server hardware simply does not account for many of the security concerns that are most prevalent today. Newer systems, however, often include built-in features designed to minimize the risk of attacks or help you respond more effectively to emerging threats.

Why You Should Upgrade Your Email Server

While all business servers can benefit from regular upgrades, this is especially true for email servers. In an age of social media, email remains the center of your communication strategy – and unfortunately, a huge area of vulnerability. Quality encryption is crucial; without it, your business suffers an increased potential for devastating attacks.

The latest email options provide not only improved security but also enhanced archiving and impressive capabilities for businesses that rely on remote employee solutions. With the right server, you and your employees can maintain full email functionality from a wide variety of locations, thereby granting you the flexibility needed in today’s mobile business environment.

Signs Your Business Is Overdue for a Server Upgrade

Regular upgrades may be important, but this investment should be strategized to deliver the greatest possible ROI. In many cases, however, it’s easy to tell when your server requires improvements. Key signs include:

  • Newly installed applications quickly exhaust available server space.
  • Desired software exceeds your server’s specifications.
  • Employees consistently complain of slow loading times and other performance issues.
  • You’re regularly forced to deal with maintenance concerns.
  • The warranties for your existing servers have expired.

Keep in mind that, while these issues should be cause for concern, the need for an upgrade isn’t always evident immediately. When in doubt, seek a tech expert to assess your current setup and determine whether you stand to benefit from server and hardware upgrades.

Working with NerdsToGo: A Top IT Support Company

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