Say Goodbye to Your Old Router: Five Reasons Why Mesh Networks Will Transform Your Business

Your current router might get the job done, but is it truly living up to your expectations? The right upgrade could completely transform your network. If you haven’t yet considered mesh, it’s time to look beyond your standard router and try a new approach. A mesh network just might be in your future. Small businesses are quickly waking up to the limitations posed by typical routers and getting on board with this excellent alternative.

Get ready to bid farewell to the dead zones that currently plague your business. Why deal with the hassle of extenders or the limitations of Ethernet when you can rely on a sophisticated system that provides the full coverage your employees and customers demand?

What Is a Mesh Network?

At first glance, the concept of a mesh network may seem complicated. In reality, however, this approach is surprisingly simple. Rather than force every device to connect to a single router, mesh networks take a decentralized approach, in which multiple nodes are used to provide a more comprehensive connection.

It all begins with a single node, which is designated as the system’s primary router. This main node is wired directly into your organization’s gateway connection. From there, additional nodes are added, as dictated by the unique needs of your business setting. These nodes essentially act as satellites, working together to form a seamless network.

The Evolution of Mesh Networks

Despite the seemingly simple nature of the mesh concept, these networks have only recently become widely available at the consumer level. Previously, this approach was largely limited to military and hospital functions, although it did provide the Red Hook neighborhood with a reliable means of communication in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

In recent years, the demand for mesh has grown quickly among IT experts, who understand the extent to which this approach could transform internet connectivity as we know it. The general public, however, remains largely unaware of mesh networks and the many benefits they provide. The NerdsToGo team is determined to change that, as we believe mesh networks can make a huge difference for both small businesses and home-based users.

The Benefits of Mesh Networks: How This Revolutionary Approach Could Transform Your Business

There’s a lot to love about mesh networks, but the few entrepreneurs that are aware of them assume that they are exclusively meant for home use. In reality, mesh networks can make a huge difference for small businesses, which may benefit from more reliable connectivity, faster speeds, and simplified network management. These and other key advantages are highlighted in detail below:

1. Meet Increasing Workplace Connectivity Demands

Today’s employees and customers have little patience for slow connections. They want their devices to connect quickly and seamlessly. Offering such reliable connections can prove tricky, especially as the average employee relies on at least two separate devices to complete daily work functions. Add customer devices and increasingly prevalent Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets, and you have a connectivity disaster in the making.

With so many devices linked to networks at any given time, it’s only a matter of time before standard networks become hopelessly clogged. Each device fights for your router’s already limited bandwidth, creating a strain that can be difficult to overcome.

Mesh networks are built to handle heavy usage from a high volume of connected devices. They also ensure that devices remain linked as they move throughout a location. For example, in a mesh network, a smartphone may initially be connected to the main router, before transitioning to other nodes as the user moves around the office. The user maintains the same quality connection regardless of their location. What’s more, mesh networks minimize the potential for dead zones, particularly in busy areas situated far away from the main router.

2. Easier Network Setup and Management

Mesh networks are shockingly easy to configure. All you need is a networking kit. As with any router, you’ll want to select the right spot for your primary connection – ideally somewhere free of obstructions. Routers mounted on the ceiling or high on the wall typically deliver the most consistent connections.

Once you’ve selected your ideal router location, you can fill in potential edges or dead zones with nodes. These should be situated near electrical outlets and away from potential areas of interference. Many nodes plug directly into outlets, while others include cords to allow for more flexible placement.

While most mesh users prefer the wireless backhaul for which these systems are typically designed, some opt for the increased performance and security of Ethernet. If your business is already wired for Ethernet, you can use a wired system to connect nodes to offer backhaul to the main router.

The setup process ends by connecting to your network system’s app. This should be downloaded to your device to ensure easy setup and even simpler maintenance. Make a point of checking on client lists and attack logs periodically, which will grant you valuable insight into the security of your network.

3. Improved Network Security

In today’s era of constant internet breaches, there’s no such thing as excessive security. Most small businesses are alarmingly vulnerable to hackers, who grow more sophisticated with time. A layered approach to security is essential – and a mesh network can serve as one of the most beneficial components.

Unlike conventional routers, which constantly call for manual updates, mesh networks are nearly always updated automatically. This provides considerable peace of mind for small business owners who regularly fall behind on firmware upgrades. When investing in a mesh system, aim for a provider with embedded anti-malware functions, which should offer valuable protection against malicious content.

4. Greater Reliability and Lightning-Fast Speeds

The need for fast internet service is greater than ever, and mesh networks can supply this. While speeds can vary significantly from one setup to the next, mesh networks tend to deliver faster connections in areas with numerous obstructions. Hence, their value in large houses – and why they’re increasingly preferred for small business premises. Mesh networks are certainly faster and more reliable than routers accompanied by extenders, which tend to degrade network quality.

5. A Cost-Effective Solution to Improve Tech Return on Investment

Strong networks require considerable investment. Given the demands of today’s business environment, however, the failure to implement a quality connection could prove devastating. Ultimately, small businesses require a middle-ground solution that provides reliable connectivity at a reasonable rate. A mesh network is an ideal option. Not only is this solution affordable at the outset, but its streamlined maintenance and impressive security may also lead to significant cost savings down the road.

Mesh networks may primarily be associated with at-home connectivity, but they can prove equally effective in modern business environments. Whether you prioritize a speedy connection or automatic security updates, you’ll quickly fall in love with the mesh network approach.

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