Managed Service Plans: Why You Should Use Them for Your Business

Managed service providers (MSPs) offer remote technical service plans for businesses with limited IT resources. These services cater to your company’s IT infrastructure requirements and unique needs to ensure your tech devices and network can operate safely and efficiently at all times.

Below, we’re taking a closer look at managed service plans, how they can help your business, and why you should invest in one.

How Can a Managed Service Plan Help Your Business?

As a business owner or leader, it’s crucial to make decisions that benefit your organization, employees, and customers. One important choice you’ll need to make is how to proceed with IT management – especially if your staff is currently working remotely. Your core IT team might find themselves overwhelmed with managing in-house operations for on-site employees while setting up systems for remote workers. Unfortunately, without constant management and attention, tech problems can spiral into emergencies like data breaches.

Alternatively, if you run a small business, you might not have a dedicated IT team that’s ready to handle tech issues as they arise. This can leave you at risk of falling victim to cyber-attacks. According to Tech Republic, small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are considered low-hanging fruit for cybercriminals of all types. This is primarily due to a lack of IT resources and security precautions.

Vulnerabilities have been exacerbated by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, as many companies have switched to a remote format. When employees work remotely without a cybersecurity plan in place, the risk of being targeted by hackers increases. Therefore, you need to make sure your network is secure and that you have a dedicated team ready to address problems immediately.

Managed IT services offer comprehensive strategies to help combat hackers and handle a variety of other tech concerns. A managed IT service company in Alexandria can assist you in monitoring your networks, securing your devices, and so much more.

Network Infrastructure

Ensuring that your sensitive business data remains secure starts with having a robust network infrastructure. Your chosen MSP team will start by inspecting your organization’s existing IT setup, including your hardware, software, connectivity, communication, operations, and basic management. They will then provide an assessment before developing a customized plan.

Your MSP will also create a map of communication services and pathways between users, applications, processes, services, external networks, and the internet. This allows your provider to understand your system and offer tailed services. It also assists with navigation and redirection when issues arise to maintain optimal operating conditions for you and your employee. Your managed service team will also be able to repair and upgrade networking hardware, including cables, switches, routers, wireless routers, and LAN cards when necessary.

Business Cybersecurity

As previously mentioned, SMBs are at a heightened risk for data breaches and other cyber-attacks. A managed service plan can help you identify, navigate, and avoid dangerous threats that could compromise your business’s network, IT system, and sensitive data. If a cybersecurity breach does occur, experienced MSP teams can assist with minimizing the damage and recovering your devices.

Remote Monitoring and Management Services

One of the main problems with data breaches and other cyber-attacks is that they frequently go unnoticed for an extended period of time. Of course, the longer a hacker can go undetected, the more damage they can cause to your business. Top managed service providers offer remote monitoring and management services (RMM) using cutting-edge technology to monitor all of your devices and send instant alerts as soon as they notice something unusual.

24/7 Support

You can only ask so much of your in-house IT team, and attending to an issue at 3 a.m. isn’t always feasible. Furthermore, if you have any recurring issues, your diligent IT staff’s overtime can quickly add up, creating a ballooning budget. With a dedicated MSP, skilled techs that are already working shifts to accommodate clients can step in to cover any problems that arise, day or night. This offers unparalleled peace of mind and gives you a leg up on hackers who might try to take advantage of non-business hours to wreak as much havoc as possible.

Enjoy the Benefits of Managed Service Plans That Provide Essential Support for Your Business

Regardless of the type or size of business you run, a dedicated, experienced team of IT experts like NerdsToGo Alexandria can help keep your network safe, functioning, and accessible at all times. Our MSP team gives you and your employees the freedom and confidence to perform your core tasks without distraction, both in and out of the office. We want to help you save money, time, and resources while allowing you to focus on serving your customers and growing your business.

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