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Most people worry that when their laptop breaks, they will have to buy a new one. Since the average cost of laptops is heading towards a thousand dollars, this could mean shelling out a lot of cash. What many people don’t realize is that many laptop issues can be repaired relatively quickly and inexpensively. Bring your laptop into NerdsToGo - North Denver, CO and we may be able to fix it in just an hour or two.

We service all laptop brands and models:

  • Apple Macbooks
  • PC Laptops
  • Chromebooks

Signs Your Laptop Needs Fixing

It is important to be aware of signs that you need laptop repair, even those that may seem easier to brush off. These signs include:

  • Unusual Noises: If your laptop starts making strange noises such as grinding, clicking, or whirring sounds, it could indicate a hardware issue. This may be related to the hard drive, fan, or other internal components that require attention.
  • Unresponsive or Dead Pixels on the Screen: Dead or unresponsive pixels on the screen can be distracting and may indicate display problems.
  • Overheating: Constant overheating is a sign that your laptop's cooling system may not be functioning correctly. Over time, this can lead to performance issues and even hardware damage.
  • Random Shutdowns or Freezing: If your laptop is shutting down unexpectedly or freezing frequently, it may be a sign of hardware or software issues.
  • Connectivity Problems: Issues with Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth, or ports can disrupt your laptop's functionality, whether it's a hardware malfunction or a software glitch.

Call us at (720) 679-7855 or visit our store for a full diagnostic on your laptop!

    Repair for Laptop Screens

    Broken screens are a common source of frustration for laptop owners. Many people don’t feel sure about whether they should repair their screen or replace it. If you bring your laptop to our shop in North Denver, CO, we can give you a full diagnostic with a quote of how much the repair will cost.

    Slow Laptop Diagnosis & Repair in Westminster, CO

    If your laptop is underperforming and lagging continually, there are a number of possible causes to consider. Our team can run a diagnostic on your system to find out if it’s a virus, a software issue, a memory problem, or something else.

    Repair for Laptop Keyboards

    If you recently spilled a bowl of cereal on your keyboard, you may be noticing that some of the keys have stopped working. Over time, your whole keyboard may stop working altogether. If you are having issues with individual keys or the whole thing, our team can replace it with a new, fully functioning keyboard.

    Repair for a Broken Charging Port

    If your power jack doesn’t seem to be working anymore, our team can take a look to find out what’s going on. Oftentimes, the real issue is with the charging cable. But if it turns out that a new cable still doesn’t charge the battery, then your charging jack may need to be replaced. Our team can easily remove your old port and put a new one in if needed.

    Replacing a Laptop Battery

    On some laptops, replacing the battery is a cinch. But certain brands have made it very difficult to access and remove an old battery. Our team at NerdsToGo is able to put a new battery in your laptop no matter what kind of brand it is.

    Call our team at (720) 679-7855 for laptop repairs in Westminster.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can NerdsToGo recover data from a damaged laptop?

    Yes, NerdsToGo specializes in data recovery services. Whether your laptop has suffered from hardware failure or software issues, their technicians can often retrieve valuable data. It's recommended to contact us as soon as possible for the best chances of recovery.

    Do I need any accessories with my laptop for repair?

    It's advisable to have your laptop's power adapter and any relevant passwords or access credentials on hand. This helps NerdsToGo diagnose and address the issues more efficiently.

    Is it cost-effective to repair a laptop, or should I just consider buying a new one?

    This depends on the issue's severity, the laptop's age, and your budget. Our professionals’ assessment can help determine whether repairs are cost-effective compared to investing in a new device.

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