What is Cybersecurity — And Why is It Important?

Cybersecurity is a frequent topic of concern in today’s risk-filled digital world. Breaches are unfortunately common, as evidenced by a growing body of research. Estimates from Malwarebytes suggest that 750 million personal computers and 75 million company servers experienced malware attacks in 2018 — and that represents just one of the numerous cyber threats currently plaguing users.

While we regularly see alarming headlines and statistics about cybersecurity issues, many of us fail to truly understand what it means or how it impacts our day-to-day activities. This understanding is crucial if we are to properly implement the many measures needed to keep us safe from digital predators. As such, we’ve outlined the basics of cybersecurity below — including its definition, why it’s important, and how NerdsToGo can assist in implementing critical cybersecurity solutions.

What Is Cybersecurity?

A broad term, cybersecurity refers to the multitude of practices used to protect devices, programs, and networks from unauthorized operation or catastrophic attacks. These attacks can take many forms, including attempts to gain access to sensitive information, as well as efforts to interrupt ordinary business functions or extort money from victims.

While cybersecurity can look dramatically different depending on how and where it is implemented, it typically involves a comprehensive, multi-layered approach. Under such systems, a variety of tools and technologies overlap to provide the broadest protection possible. These various strategies must complement one another and work together. Ideally, they will fall under a specified framework for dealing with both attempted attacks and those carried out successfully. Ultimately, cybersecurity is all about assessing risk and determining how best to respond to revealed hazards.

Why Is Cybersecurity Important? What Threats Can It Address?

Digital threats are more prolific than ever. Unfortunately, the reality for both individuals and businesses is that attacks are all but inevitable. It’s no longer a matter of if you will be targeted, but when. Modern cybersecurity strategies take this into account to ensure that networks and devices are properly secured long before they can be infiltrated.

The right measures can dramatically reduce the likelihood of breaches — or at least make it more difficult for hackers to achieve their problematic goals. If malicious players succeed, effective cybersecurity mitigation strategies can limit the damage and protect victims from future attacks.

A well-rounded cybersecurity strategy will address a wide array of common threats. These include:

  • Viruses
  • Trojans
  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Rootkits
  • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks

Beyond limiting the potential for suffering the issues highlighted above, the right cybersecurity strategy can deliver much-needed peace of mind. While the risk of cybercrime never leaves completely, it can at least be reduced through the range of tools and technologies currently available.

Should the worst-case scenario arise, you can take solace in knowing that cybersecurity experts are available to help you minimize the damage and prepare for the future. You also may find that cybersecurity services free you up to focus on other day-to-day concerns instead of worrying about digital threats, thereby delivering greater productivity over time.

How NerdsToGo Can Improve Your Cybersecurity

While some cybersecurity measures can be implemented on your own, it’s difficult for the average person to know which options are most effective or how various solutions can be integrated to provide broad protection. Furthermore, given the busy nature of daily life and our natural tendency to forget about cybersecurity until it’s too late, outside support could be key to keeping vulnerable systems and data safe. Experts can make all the difference in this never-ending battle by helping you implement strategic solutions and educating you on the actions needed to maintain effective protection over time.

As you strive to address today’s most urgent cybersecurity threats, don’t hesitate to seek support from the trusted team at NerdsToGo. Our certified Nerds are well aware of the many risks present in today’s digital sphere. They recognize the value of a proactive approach and are committed to implementing the measures most capable of providing comprehensive protection.

We offer a variety of valuable cybersecurity practices for individuals and small businesses. For example, we can help you install and maintain the most effective antivirus and anti-malware programs for your devices. We’ll implement additional measures at the network level to reduce the likelihood of breaches. We also offer data backup and recovery services, which reduce the potential for losing sensitive information in the event of hacking or other difficult situations. Every step of the way, we’ll inform you of your options and the broader impact that various solutions might have on your network and devices.

Ready to get started? Our Nerds are ready to implement an effective cybersecurity strategy that meets your unique needs. The sooner you get in touch, the sooner you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having our certified Nerds in your corner. Contact us today to learn more about our range of services and our proactive approach to cybersecurity.