How to Give the Gift of Stress Free Technology

Haul out the holly… for the fast-approaching holidays as people begin planning elaborate meals and gatherings, putting up festive decorations and shopping for the special people in their lives. Technology is at the top of many wish lists, from age 1 to 92.

A new study from the Consumer Technology Association projects tech sales in the upcoming 2021 holiday season will hit $142.5 billion. Respondents of the study recorded that, on average, they plan to spend about $541 on technology related gifts.

The top five tech products U.S. adults would like to receive as gifts?

  1. Smartphones

  2. Laptop/Notebook Computers

  3. Wearable Devices

  4. Televisions

  5. Video Game Consoles and Tablets/E-Readers (tied)

But, what happens once the gift is opened and the excited recipient wants to put their new tech to task? Make sure your devices and gadgets are plug-and-play ready before wrapping them. Consider your local NerdsToGo team as your own Santa’s helpers for all things technology, IT services, device and equipment preparation, and everything in between. Here is a starter checklist from our Nerds to you as you shop for and set up those coveted tech items.

Safety First

Getting tech items for the budding gadgeteer in your life? Many children and teenagers will be receiving tablets, smartphones, computers, game consoles and more this year. Make sure that the proper protections are in place first. NerdsToGo can help you find solutions for monitoring web use for desktops and laptops, as well as blocking specific sites. We can also provide guidance on how to better manage your child’s use of tablets and other devices.

Stay Connected

Long before holiday gifts are even unwrapped, we have gatherings with loved ones near and far. As you make your lists and preparations, don’t overlook the technology needed to connect with those who you aren’t able to see in person. Make sure your devices and your wi-fi are video-call-ready for those important moments that are meant to be shared, even if from afar.

Setup and Repair

Instead of going to multiple providers for each of your devices, your local NerdToGo team can efficiently set them up in the store or in your home. Our Nerds are to all things gadget as Buddy the Elf is to all things Christmas—we cover everything from printer setups to OS updates, wireless networking assistance and more. Should unforeseen circumstances happen this season, you can avoid the dreaded question, “Is this device backed up?” by making one simple phone call to our Nerds. From data backup and recovery to device repairs and maintenance, NerdsToGo has you fully covered.

Yes, Virginia, there is the perfect technology solution provider for all of your festive needs this season. Contact our Nerds today.