Why Small Businesses Need Accessible Bundled IT Services

Technology and the Internet of Things is the nucleus of what keeps day-to-day operations running, in both our personal and professional lives. We move in a fast-paced world and expect our tech to keep up with us.

According to statistics and research gathered by SemRush, small companies that fully utilize technology earn two times more revenue per employee, experienced nearly four times the revenue growth annually, and were almost three times more likely to create jobs in the next year. Unsure as to what you need in order to maximize the technology needed for your business? That is where we can help.

Heavy is the head that must hold up many hats; as a small business owner, you know the many roles you must play each day. You are likely the Chief Operating Officer, as well as the HR manager and the one in charge of tech and security, just to name a few. With a reported 81% of business owners working nights and 89% working weekends, we want to help carry some of the burden.

Our Nerds have all of the IT services and resources any small business needs to keep everything running and protected, so you can focus on hitting your goals. The best part? We won’t call in sick tomorrow or be out-of-office when you encounter your next IT-related challenge. Call today and ask about our NerdAssure program, a bundle of IT services designed to keep businesses protected and productive.

The four umbrellas of our bundled IT services:

1) Cyber Security

Breaches, cyberattacks and other malicious tech interferences are a daily occurrence and, according to a report from Ipsos, 83% of Americans view hacking as a serious threat. Cyberattacks have the potential to cause a crippling stop to operations for even the most diligent of organizations. With these types of threats ongoing, our remote monitoring and management solutions keep an eye on devices within your network and can alert you to potential threats and issues.

2) Monitor

There is always more to do in a day than you have time for. When an issue arises with your technology, it can slow you down or even bring operations to a grinding halt. Our monitoring services are a proactive way to keep an eye on your PC for anything that might cause a problem. We will alert you and then take steps to remediate as needed.

3) Backup

Data backup requirements differ from business to business, and across industries. From financial and tax-based correspondence to personnel records and customer files, your data is invaluable. It needs to stay secure and reliably backed up. There are a range of available backup and storage solutions, depending on your unique needs. Our Nerds will work with you to understand the best option for you and help you put it in place.

4) Productivity

Productivity and efficiency go hand-in-hand. When both are optimal, your team is able to best do their jobs and your organization can continue to meet and exceed goals. Our managed IT solutions can help you make the most of your productivity software, whether it’s Microsoft or Google, and provide backup services. This is just a small sample of what our bundled IT services can do for you. From network infrastructure and preventative maintenance to hardware protection and compliance, and more, we are your on-call IT department. Let us focus on what we do best, so that you can focus on what you do best.

As of 2020, there were 31.7 million small businesses in the U.S. alone and 3.7 million of those are considered micro businesses of one to nine employees. Those numbers are impressive and only continue to grow each year. As Nerds, when we read these numbers, we already know the challenges and needs behind each of those statistics.

Reduce any potential downtime and the loss of potential revenue that comes with tech issues. Call our Nerds today.