4 Common Signs Your Computer Has a Virus

Computers are one of the greatest inventions of our time, but they are also one of the most frustrating when they aren’t working the way you need them to. One of the most common reasons computers start to misbehave is because of a virus. So how do you know if your computer has a virus? These are four of the most common signs. If you experience one of these, you should contact a certified Nerd to remove it, and our computer repair shop sure is a great place to find one!

Computer Takes a Long Time to Start and/or Run Applications

Most viruses make your computer run slowly. If you are completing basic tasks and you have to wait for what feels like forever, it is a good sign your computer has a virus. A healthy computer shouldn’t make you wait.

Random Ads or Messages on the Screen

Spyware is a popular type of virus that is designed to steal your sensitive data without you even knowing about it. It does this by way of pop-ups that appear to be ads or important messages, but when you click on them they will ask for more information from you. The worst part is, this type of virus rarely works alone—if you are seeing this, there are probably even more destructive side effects lurking in the background.

You Keep Being Told You Are Running Out of Disk Space

The message seems simple enough, and you do a lot on your computer, so running out of space doesn’t seem that unordinary. However, it is important to know that many viruses work by filling up your disk space, which causes your computer to crash. If you see the message “You are running out of disk space,” and you haven’t done anything unusual lately, then you might want to get your computer checked.

There Are Changes on Your Computer You Didn’t Make

Whether it’s a new toolbar showing up, an updated home screen, or extra additions on your desktop, if anything changes on your computer and you didn’t make the changes, then there is a good probability you have a virus.

While viruses are certainly annoying, the good news is, if they are caught early enough, they can usually be rectified without serious repercussions. Now that we’ve given you some Nerdy tips indicate your computer may be infected, you can get the professional help you need. If you recognize one of the signs your computer has a virus or you just aren’t sure what’s going on, contact  NerdsToGo  today.