Evolution of Internet of Things (IoT): What It Is and How Can It Benefit Your Everyday Life?

The term “Internet of Things” (IoT) has been floating around for nearly two decades now. Somehow, the concept remains elusive to the average individual, even though the very people who struggle to conceptualize the Internet of Things enjoy its benefits every day.

If you count yourself among this group of intrigued but confused individuals, you’re in luck: at NerdsToGo Las Vegas, we’re passionate about the power of the Internet of Things. Below, we explain how IoT works and the role it can play in your life.

What Is IoT?

At its most basic level, the term “Internet of Things” refers to the relatively newfound ability to link everyday devices with the internet – and with one another. While items such as mobile phones, wearable technology, and coffeemakers instantly come to mind, IoT can also be applied to specific components of machines. Forbes contributor Jacob Morgan points to oil rig drills and jet engines on planes as chief examples. Together, these and other components create the Internet of Things – a vast network of linked devices and people.

The impact of the IoT cannot be overstated. This concept holds huge market potential, which is only beginning to be realized on a broad scale. Experts at the analyst firm Gartner predict that over 26 billion connected devices will exist by 2020. Already, connected devices are believed to outnumber the Earth’s human population. Not only are there more connected devices than ever before, but their reach is also quickly expanding beyond the household applications that we’ve come to associate with the Internet of Things.

IoT in Our Everyday Lives

The smart home is quickly taking over. From setting the thermostat to preparing a hot cup of coffee in the morning, everyday tasks in many households look different than they did just a few years ago. In many ways, life is much more convenient in the IoT age.

Not only can this smartphone-optimized approach save time and improve personal convenience, but it can also dramatically reduce utility spending. Smart thermostats, for example, allow users to optimize HVAC systems so that they only pay for the heating and cooling they actually use. These HVAC set-ups can also work with smart fans to further increase household efficiency. Likewise, homeowners can set up smart light bulbs that only turn on when people are nearby in order to reduce electricity waste. As the public grows increasingly concerned about the health of our planet, many see the Internet of Things as a viable solution for reducing both our carbon footprint and our energy bills.

Smart home benefits certainly don’t end with time and energy savings. Those concerned about break-ins can rely on smart home video surveillance, while smart nurseries allow parents to feel at ease as their children rest. In-home entertainment is also a top area of promise. Music aficionados increasingly turn to multi-zone audio systems to amplify their favorite tunes throughout their homes. Meanwhile, film buffs and Netflix fanatics can look to home theater installation to kick their viewing experience up a notch.

While smart home devices constitute one of the most accessible and identifiable applications of IoT, they represent only a small subset of the many ways IoT can impact our daily lives. After you’ve brewed that cup of Joe from your smart coffee machine, you can hop in your optimized car, which may use your calendar and available traffic information to find the best route to work. Once you arrive at work, smart speakers and timekeepers can boost your productivity. IoT applications may even come into play in health and recreation – already, treadmills and other fitness machines integrate with one another and with users’ mobile devices. The possibilities for the Internet of Things are virtually endless.

NerdsToGo: Helping You Make the Most of the IoT Revolution

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