Five Easy Ways to Speed up a Computer

Your computer is like a lifeline to everything you do – you use it for work, to plan social outings, mindlessly surf the web, and more. Computers surpassed the status of being luxury items long ago; they are now a necessity in virtually every home and office. So, when your device stops running efficiently, it can be a huge hassle. And if you’re not technology-oriented, the idea of trying to fix your computer’s speed problems might seem daunting.

When you find yourself thinking, “Why is my computer suddenly so slow?” there are a few possible answers. Let’s take a look at some common solutions that could improve the speed of your device or Wi-Fi connection.

How to Fix a Slow Computer

If you’re looking for ways to speed up a computer, the answer isn’t necessarily to buy a new one. There are a number of easy remedies that can help with your device’s speed issues. However, before you do anything to your computer, it’s important to make sure you’ve backed up all of your information. You can choose between an online cloud backup or an offline data backup – though some people prefer to use both methods for added safety.

Here are five of our top tips that you can do right at home to fix a slow computer:

1. Clear Your Browser

You might not pay much attention to the internet browser you use. However, if you don’t clear it out regularly, data can build up and bog down your system. Whether you use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or another browser, you can easily clear out your history, cache, cookies, and unneeded files. This quick fix is especially useful for improving your browser’s load time.

2. Update Your Software

It’s important that you install the latest updates for your machine to keep it in optimal running order. People often ignore software update notifications because they don’t want to wait for the installation to complete. However, outdated operating systems may lose their functionality as new ones are introduced – which can cause your computer to run slowly. So, while completing an upgrade may be time-consuming, it can save you a whole lot of frustration down the road. Our recommendation? Turn on automatic updates that will install overnight while your computer isn’t in use.

3. Use Disk Clean-Up

To keep your system running smoothly, you should periodically free up space on your hard drive and remove unnecessary programs running on your startup disk. Most experts recommend keeping at least 15% of your disk space free. Luckily, Microsoft makes this easy by including an app on every Windows PC called Disk Clean-Up. This application does all of the work for you – simply click a button and it will begin removing everything you don’t need from your disk.

Unfortunately, Mac computers don’t have a native application designed to do this. However, you can find several good options on the app store that will complete the same process.

4. Upgrade the Hardware on Your Computer

If buying a new computer isn’t an option, consider purchasing more RAM or hard drive space for your current machine. With more RAM, your computer will be able to run more applications at the same time, which improves functionality and speed. Similarly, by adding more hard drive space, your computer will have more memory to work with ­– and therefore, will run smoother.

5. Remove Programs You No Longer Need

Often, people forget to remove programs they no longer use. These programs take up precious hard drive space and can slow down your system if they’re running in the background. You can check your computer’s program usage by opening your task manager. Go through the list of applications and take inventory of what you currently need. Delete anything that you no longer use. If you come across an app and are unsure of its purpose, don’t touch it – it could be an integral part of your system that shouldn’t be deleted.

Do You Need Expert Help to Fix Your Slow Computer?

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