How to Tune Up Your Laptop or Computer for School

A new school year has arrived, and with it comes new opportunities for making the most of modern technology. Your computer is your gateway to a stellar education. It allows you to enjoy access to an endless array of resources. However, if you’re like many students, you continue to make do with a slow computer that delivers diminishing returns.

At this point, you may be thinking of investing in a brand-new Mac or PC. But, this can be a tall order on a student’s budget. Thankfully, other options exist. Read on to determine whether you’re a viable candidate for computer or laptop repair.

Do You Really Need a New Computer?

Every school year calls for new school supplies, right? While you’ll definitely want to stock up on pencils, paper, and other essentials, brand-new tech isn’t always necessary. In most cases, older computers can function perfectly fine, meeting the average student’s full range of browsing and note-taking needs. The desire for a shiny, new device is understandable, but that money could easily be spent on other necessities. With a little TLC, your trusty old computer can look and feel like it just came out of the box.

Common Computer Repairs

A variety of issues can prompt malfunctions on your computer. However, many concerns can be resolved – especially if you seek help from a trusted computer repair service. With the proper repair, your computer could be up and running in short order. The most common maintenance services include:

  • Screen Repair
  • Fixing Power Jacks
  • Repairing USB Ports
  • Addressing Dents and Other Exterior Physical Damage
  • Spyware Removal
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Backups and Archiving

How Upgrades Can Speed Up Your Computer

System updates can make all the difference for seemingly outdated devices. The right upgrade could help your computer run faster while also strengthening security protocol and minimizing the potential for future issues. How, exactly, you choose to upgrade your computer will depend on how old it is, which updates you’ve already pursued, and whether it’s a Mac or a PC.

Mac Versus PC: Determining When to Upgrade

If you own a Mac, you’ll definitely want to think twice about ditching it in favor of a new device. Apple products hold their value incredibly well; even those purchased nearly a decade ago could be capable of handling everyday schoolwork.

Your mileage may vary with PCs. An upgraded operating system can bring new functionality to your device, but some older computers simply aren’t equipped to handle new software. Likewise, frequent visits of the dreaded “blue screen of death” may indicate that your formerly trusty computer is beyond hope. When in doubt, ask an experienced technician for advice on the most cost-effective approach.

Options for Upgrading Your Computer

Multiple avenues are available for taking your Mac or PC to the next level. Your preferred approach will likely depend on your device’s current issues, although some upgrades are capable of improving virtually any computer. The following options are worth considering as you prepare for a long future with your beloved device:

  • Upgrade to a Solid-State Drive – Solid-state drives (SSDs) provide a reliable approach to memory storage. They run quietly and are highly resistant to both shock and magnetic fields. Boasting exceptionally fast read and write speeds, these drives can instantly transform how your computer functions.
  • Upgrade to Windows 10 – Whether you love Windows 7, hate it, or fall somewhere in between, you can benefit greatly from upgrading your PC to Windows 10. Upon switching, you’ll notice immediate improvements in terms of speed and security. You’ll also enjoy access to Cortana and an app store. Windows 10 will make it feel as if you’ve instantly switched to a whole new computer. This could be the refresh you need – at a fraction of the cost.
  • Increase RAM – Old devices sometimes offer far less memory than needed to handle modern software and operating systems. Additional RAM could prove an effective solution, allowing for quick speeds no matter how many tabs you keep open in your browser. A skilled technician can help you increase RAM on your PC, Mac, or laptop.

Don’t Forget Your Device’s Appearance

Half the fun of operating a new device lies in its sleek, shiny exterior. This desire is especially strong for laptop owners, as portable devices are more prone to general wear and tear. However, with a few simple fixes, you can enjoy the feel of a fresh unboxing – without spending a fortune. Laptop screen repair, for example, could bring new life to your device. Or, feel free to highlight your unique sense of style with a logo sticker, which can provide an instant boost of personality. A protective sleeve will help you preserve your laptop and keep it looking amazing far into the future.

Getting Ready to Head Back to School? Let NerdsToGo Help You Keep Your Tech in Check

Options abound for fixing current issues on your computer or upgrading it to improve performance further. With so many opportunities at your fingertips, it is rarely necessary to waste money on a new computer. If you love your device and are determined to make the most of your tech budget, don’t hesitate to seek repairs or upgrades from a respected laptop or computer expert.

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