The Benefits of Using a New AMD Processor (Ryzen 3000 Series) for Your Gaming Computer

Everyone deserves a reliable computer; however, what constitutes reliability differs considerably based on the user’s intended purposes. For example, what works for a casual internet surfer won’t cut it for a dedicated PC gamer, who will quickly grow frustrated with anything less than elite performance. Thankfully, there are many options available that deliver exceptional performance.

One such option is the Ryzen 3000 series AMD processor. Let’s take a closer look at this product and how it can enhance your gaming experience.

How Often Should You Upgrade Your Gaming PC?

Devoted gamers must strike a delicate balance between investing in durable equipment that will stand the test of time and seeking quick performance boosts. Reliable devices are essential, as few can afford constant fixes and upgrades. Still, regular improvements will prove necessary for anybody intent on keeping up with today’s rapidly advancing gaming technology.

Upgrade timelines will vary somewhat from one gamer to the next. If you aim to remain on the cutting-edge of gaming, you’ll want to replace your central processing unit (CPU) and graphics processing unit (GPU) at least once every three to four years. However, casual gamers can usually get away with occasionally upgrading specific elements as needed.

How Do You Know If Your Computer Is Ready for a New CPU?

As indicated above, your best bet may be to replace your CPU every three years or so, depending on the level of performance you desire. If you’re looking to stall, however, you may be able to stretch the lifespan of your processor, depending on its quality.

Keep an eye out for the following signs, which may indicate that you’re ready for a new processing unit:

  • Benchmark apps showing a bottleneck at the CPU level
  • Newer software performing slower than desired
  • CPU-intensive games struggling to maintain steady, high framerates
  • CPU temperatures rising to abnormal levels during heavy-duty use

Which Is Better – AMD Ryzen or Intel?

Choosing to upgrade your gaming laptop or PC is only the beginning. Next, you’ll need to decide which type of processor to purchase – AMD or Intel. This has traditionally proven to be challenging for indecisive gamers, but new developments may ease the selection process.

AMD recently released its Ryzen 3000 series, which promises to revolutionize the gaming experience while maximizing efficiency. This release builds on a strong heritage, with the first and second generations of Ryzen processors having completely transformed the market.

The Ryzen 3000 series delivers new and impressive qualities – namely, better performance at a still reasonable price. While the many 3000 series options may seem confusing at first glance, they can essentially be compared based on model number. Higher numerals translate to better specs (and greater expenses).

The most significant benefit the AMD Ryzen 3000 series offers over Intel processors is its pricing. For example, the flagship 3900X virtually matches the Intel i9-9920X in terms of performance – but costs far less. Likewise, benchmarks from AMD suggest that the 3700X beats out the i7-9700K in terms of rendering performance, despite saving users a significant chunk of change. By spending less money on processors, cash-strapped gamers can dedicate a larger portion of their budget to other necessary upgrades.

Elite gamers appreciate the impressive capabilities AMD Ryzen 3000 processors bring to the table. The AMD Ryzen 9 3950X, for example, has already broken overclocking records, having been pushed to an impressive 5GHz across 16 cores. Previously, the Intel Core i9-7960X held the world record.

Given their superior performance, Ryzen Threadrippers are worthy of consideration for serious gamers who demand the utmost in quality. Arriving shortly after the 3000 series, this groundbreaking collection is believed to include a 32-core, 64-thread processor.

The Ryzen Threadrippers’ extra cores are expected to improve speed dramatically. This approach is primarily favored among computer users who dedicate a significant amount of their time to video encoding and 3D rendering. However, additional cores could prove valuable among a small, but rapidly growing group of gamers who claim to enjoy better performance under such a setup. Battlefield V devotees, in particular, are enthusiastic about the new Ryzen Threadripper series.

There’s no reason to settle for less-than-stellar performance from your gaming computer. A new processor could elevate every aspect of the PC gaming experience – without breaking the bank. Don’t hesitate to invest in one of the exceptional processors from the AMD Ryzen 3000 series. When you invest in a new and improved processor, you’ll wonder how you ever went without it.

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