Managed IT: What Is It and How Can It Help Grow Your Small Business?

The term “managed services” is used frequently in the IT industry. However, if you’re not a technology expert, it may sound completely foreign. This is the downside of trying to delegate responsibilities to help make your business run smoother – every industry has its own buzzwords and terminology.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from effective IT services; however, few fully understand why these services are necessary and what options are available. The jargon adds another layer of nonsense that’s not productive for anyone. When you begin researching your IT needs, you’re often inundated by unfamiliar terms like remote IT support, IT asset management, and cybersecurity services.

At NerdsToGo, we believe that you shouldn’t have to be an IT expert to get the business computer services that your company needs. That’s why we’re breaking down managed IT services and how they can help your small business succeed.

Let’s get right to it!

What Are Managed IT Services?

When you opt for managed services, a fully outsourced IT department takes care of all the headaches you normally associate with technology. Basically, if it’s IT-related, managed services can make it better.

Below are a few of the many benefits of outsourced IT services:

  • Cutting Edge Technology – When you outsource your IT support services to a third-party, you’ll receive the benefit of their experience with the newest technology. This ensures that your business is utilizing as many cutting edge tech opportunities as possible.
  • Specialized Expertise – With managed services, you’ll enjoy a full-service IT department without adding an enormous burden to your payroll. Plus, you’ll also have access to professionals with experience in specialized technical fields. It would be exceptionally costly to have each of these experts on staff full-time.
  • Increased Productivity – Outsourcing your IT frees up your own staff to concentrate on what they do best – running your business. Plus, you’ll spend less time managing an IT team, and more time dreaming up ways to grow and expand your company.
  • Better Overall Efficiency – A great IT company can keep your technology running efficiently day in and day out. Whether it’s monitoring for cyber threats, getting you back online in the event of a breach, or fixing everyday bugs and glitches, you can count on a more expedited process with managed IT services.
  • Better IT Budgeting Control – A great IT company can offer you complete budget forecasts so that you know exactly what you can expect to spend on your technology in the upcoming months. This gives you more leeway to invest in other areas of your company, which will help you grow and remain successful. Having control over your IT budget also allows you to fully assess new technology that you’d like to invest in later.
  • A Partner in Regulatory Compliance – No matter what industry you’re in, there are many regulatory standards your business must comply with. An outsourced IT company can help you meet compliance needs with regard to technology and can even alert you of new and upcoming regulations.
  • Give You a Competitive Edge – As a business owner, you want to invest in the things that will make your company more competitive and profitable. Managed IT services mean that you’ll have the same access to top of the line technology and data security as your biggest competitors. For small businesses, managed IT allows you to utilize technology that you might not be able to leverage on your own.

IT Support Services That Benefit Your Business

Managed IT services are well known for one feature above all – proactive monitoring. With this service, a group of technicians utilizes Remote Monitoring and Management services (RMM) to keep an eye on your systems. If a potential problem surfaces, your IT support team can address it before it turns into a larger issue. In some cases, off-site data monitoring allows problems to be fixed before you even know they exist, offering you even greater peace of mind.

With remote network monitoring, you and your staff will experience very little downtime. This ensures that your business is running smoothly and that your customers are receiving the best experience possible.

Managed IT services ensure that your IT does what it should, no matter what. Why? Because a group of technicians is there to make sure that it does.

When you have fully-managed technology, your systems are just that – fully managed. From routine maintenance and automatic upgrades to proactive monitoring and instant support, your technology remains consistent because it’s consistently taken care of.

Sure, a piece of hardware might break down on you from time to time. And yeah, your network might have an issue or two every now and then. But with managed services, this won’t cost you anything. It’s bundled into a flat, monthly rate that should only change if you decide to expand your business or upgrade your technology.

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