What Is a Mesh Network & How Is It Different From a Range Extender?

Are you frustrated with your internet network? You’re certainly not alone. Most people expect lightning-fast Wi-Fi these days, and yet, a surprising number of individuals and businesses continue to struggle with dead zones and inconsistent connections. This problem isn’t just bothersome – it can cause significant problems for companies or those who work or study from home. The good news? Improving your connection is a lot easier than you might think.

Multiple solutions are available to address common Wi-Fi concerns, but not all are advisable in all situations. Luckily, NerdsToGo is here to help you make the best decision for your home or business. Keep reading to learn more about top internet solutions, including range extenders and mesh networks.

What Is a Range Extender?

A range extender is a standalone device placed between your router and the area in which you desire an improved connection. It should achieve exactly what its name claims: extending the range of your Wi-Fi access. This is accomplished by receiving the initial signal from the router and then amplifying and transmitting it.

Range extenders may be capable of addressing specific dead zones in a cost-effective manner, but they rarely provide the extensive, reliable access you can enjoy with a mesh network.

What Is a Mesh Network?

A mesh network differs from a range extender in that it is designed to include a variety of nodes placed throughout a home or business, rather than a single device. The mesh network’s nodes provide several sources of Wi-Fi instead of relying on one router. All of these components work together to deliver a seamless connection. Mesh networks can be counted on to offer dependable coverage, but they tend to cost more and may not be necessary for small homes.

How to Know If You Need a Mesh Network or a Range Extender

Not all settings benefit equally from mesh networks and range extenders. While enthusiasts often boast about the exceptional consistency that mesh networks provide, several situations exist in which a range extender will prove the better, or at least more cost-effective, option.

There are several steps you can take to determine the best approach for your home or business. First, consider the flaws in your current Wi-Fi setup. Are you forced to deal with only one or two annoying dead zones? Or, does your connection fail in a variety of locations? Are you worried about network security? Take some time to outline the problems you’re facing now and the solutions you hope to find in either a mesh network or a range extender.

Next, examine your budget. Is it possible to meet your network needs without making a significant investment? In a small house or facility, the occasional dead zone can be eliminated with the simple and affordable addition of a range extender. However, in larger spaces with complex layouts, an extender might not provide broad enough coverage. The greater investment in a mesh network might prove worthwhile in such situations. This is especially true for large office spaces that depend on a reliable connection to maintain productivity.

Finally, think about your future. Ideally, your new system will benefit you not only now but also in the years to come. Range extenders can provide sufficient coverage for the time being but may appear less impressive as time goes by. Mesh networks, however, are highly adaptable. If you expect your wireless needs to increase as you change your home’s layout or invest in the latest Internet of Things (IoT) devices, a mesh network might be your best bet.

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