Working from Home? Here Are Some Tips to Protect You from Hackers

Over the past decade, more and more professionals have begun working from home. Technological capabilities and flexible work schedules are just a few reasons why over five percent of American employees worked remotely as of 2017. Once seen as a perk for employees to save time and money on daily commutes, remote work has become increasingly essential in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, companies in all industries must adapt to offer work-from-home capabilities and accommodate for social distancing guidelines.

Before COVID-19, seven percent of U.S. professionals had the option to work from home, at least on a part-time basis. However, once employers were required to make crucial decisions regarding “essential workers,” more employees transitioned to remote roles, with 20 percent of U.S. adults having worked from home throughout the peak of the pandemic.

Unfortunately, hackers are well aware of the fertile ground for intrusions now that they have an even broader target market for cybersecurity breaches. They know that, while employees care about keeping their devices and files safe, they do not always have the same level of knowledge and high-caliber protection that they can get at the office or from their dedicated IT department. Because of this, remote workers are especially vulnerable to phishing attacks, viruses, and ransomware. Luckily, with computer support from NerdsToGo, it’s easier than ever to remain protected.

Four Tips for Avoiding Cyber-Attacks While Working from Home

Whether you began working from home in response to the COVID-19 pandemic or have been doing so for quite some time, you may worry that your personal or corporate files could come under attack from hackers. However, with a skilled team in your corner to provide IT support, you can combat cyber-attacks effectively.

Here are four tips to help you stay safe from hackers:

1. Invest in a VPN for Your Home Network

In many cases, home Wi-Fi networks are not secure. Even if you have a strong password, determined hackers can still break through, especially if you share the network with other users who may leave it vulnerable by visiting unsafe websites. A VPN can add a valuable layer of protection by encrypting and transmitting data as it travels from one place to another online. This allows you to visit websites without opening your network up to cyber-threats.

2. Update Your Software

When working in the office, your IT support team can automatically update your computer software. However, when working from home, you may be left on your own to handle these tasks. While you may be tempted to let upgrades slide under the radar, it’s vital that you perform them to keep your devices safe. This is because software companies continually work to optimize their products, catching bugs and security flaws along the way. When they find these issues, they roll out updates, patches, and other fixes to their customers to protect their systems. Think of it this way: If you lost the key to your front door, you would likely change the locks. Failing to do so could invite intruders into your home. Ignoring software updates works the same way, and hackers are sure to find any vulnerabilities in your system and take advantage of them.

3. Avoid Phishing Scams

According to Microsoft, 91 percent of hacking events begin with a phishing attack, where a seemingly innocent email leads to malware downloads and other issues. Hackers have been taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic, preying on users’ worries by posing as official healthcare organizations, such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To avoid this common scam, be on the lookout for emails from unfamiliar senders or that contain excessive grammar mistakes and spelling errors. Additionally, you should only download attached documents if the email comes from a sender you know and trust.

4. Invest in Remote Support

Investing in remote support can help ensure you have the assistance you need, no matter the tech issues you run into. With comprehensive remote services from NerdsToGo, you’ll receive access to special software that connects you to a team of expert technicians. From there, our Nerds will access your devices remotely to troubleshoot and solve your problems as quickly and thoroughly as possible.

Learn More About Safe Work-from-Home Practices & Remote Support

At NerdsToGo, we want our customers to feel productive and safe as they work from home. No matter what tech issues you run into, our team will be there to ensure you find the most effective solutions.

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