Four of the Best Applications to Improve Business Workflow

Business owners and management professionals have always prioritized efficiency. This desire holds even greater urgency in today’s competitive market, in which it’s easier than ever to fall behind. Companies that lack sophisticated workflows risk losing precious time that could otherwise be dedicated to much-needed innovations. Thankfully, a variety of advanced tools are available to help modern organizations achieve the ultimate in productivity.

With so many choices for ramping up business efficiency, the struggle lies not so much in finding an option that works for your unique situation, but rather, narrowing down the wide array of possible solutions. As with many business functions, when it comes to workflow applications, quality should trump quantity. Hence, the need to vet your choices carefully before you integrate apps into your existing setup.

Not sure where to start? As you seek out the best business software to improve your workflow, consider making the most of these top options:

Office 365

For years, Microsoft has dominated the business sphere with its intuitive and accessible applications. Recently, it has shifted away from its previous single program-oriented approach to a subscription-based setup. Rather than relying on separate programs and applications, today’s Microsoft users are encouraged to take advantage of a suite of services known as Office 365.

Featuring a broad spectrum of tools and applications that you and your employees will quickly recognize, Office 365 includes favorites like PowerPoint, Excel, OneNote, and Outlook. These essentials can easily be accessed on a variety of devices. Once you’ve invested in the subscription, you’ll gain access to instant updates for both desktop and online versions.

Office 365 provides a range of options for home, work, and education. The business version offers ample cloud storage, as well as team functionality, to help your employees collaborate. If you prefer a familiar and reliable workflow solution chock full of sophisticated features, you are the ultimate candidate for this popular subscription service.

G Suite

Microsoft Office was once the go-to solution for business workflow, but Google’s G Suite promises to change that. Like Office 365, this subscription service offers a variety of tiers with varying capabilities. Both are also extremely versatile, and therefore, capable of accommodating employees with a wide range of devices. This will prove beneficial not only for handling remote work protocols but also as your employees transition to bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments.

G Suite’s advantages primarily lie in the power of real-time collaboration, as apps like Google Docs are notorious for encouraging a team-oriented approach. Many professionals also favor G Suite solutions for their comparative simplicity. This is especially true of Gmail, which is far more intuitive than Outlook. Don’t stress too much over this decision; either system is capable of dramatically improving your organization’s workflow while driving innovation.


Slack promises to help your team “break out of the inbox” by providing a variety of digital communication options. This system moves conversations away from typical emails and into strategic spaces known as channels. Channels can be organized according to projects, teams, or topics. Shared channels are also available for enhancing collaboration between organizations. This makes it easier for employees, management, and clients to share critical information.

By taking full advantage of Slack, your company can dramatically reduce time wasted in meetings, and, instead, focus on the innovations needed to gain a competitive edge. Secure and efficient, this tool adapts well to the fluid nature of today’s increasingly mobile work environment.


Zoom happy hours may be all the rage these days, but the app’s origins lie in the business world, where it was originally intended as a professional video conferencing service. While many users now take advantage of the free version, the subscription option also offers plenty of value with its managed domains, customized emails, and auto-generated cloud transcripts.

In addition to its virtual conference rooms and phone systems, Zoom boasts an extensive marketplace that allows for a variety of helpful app integrations. Google Calendar, for example, can be called upon to allow for easier scheduling and meeting management. Other favorites include Mediasite and Intello. No matter which apps make the cut, Zoom streamlines video conferencing to make remote meetings less of a hassle.

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