Top Benefits of Patch Management from a Professional IT Company

In today’s technology-driven world, patch management is a vital part of running a business. If you need help getting up to speed on software best practices to protect your data, streamline your processes, and boost your return on investment, learning more about software patch management is the perfect place to start. By partnering with an expert IT services firm, you can manage your software and ensure your business is covered in terms of security and efficiency.

Let’s take a closer look at patch management and how it can benefit you.

What Is Software Patch Management?

A patch is a small piece of code deployed to help improve a program you have already installed in your system. Some computer security experts consider it a special “bandage” for computer applications.

Software developers monitor released programs for bugs, then supply those who have purchased the software with a patch to correct the issue. This allows them to update and improve the program without creating a completely new one. Instead, developers can fix issues as they arise.

Patch management is a series of tasks associated with systems management, which focuses on acquiring, testing, and installing patches, or code changes, to a system. A patch manager focuses on maintaining current knowledge about available patches, deciding which your organization needs, installing them, and testing to ensure they work properly.

If you don’t have a patch manager or internal IT team for your organization, consider partnering with a professional IT company to handle all of your software needs.

Why Invest in Patch Management from a Business IT Support Company?

When it comes to the safety and efficiency of your business software, it’s essential to have a dedicated resource who is ready to manage your patches with the perfect combination of discernment, precision, and speed. Bug reports come in all the time, so it’s important to actively assess which patches are necessary to install. Your patch manager should take a strategic approach to ensure all of your software is covered.

Below are just a few of the beneficial services a dedicated patch manager can provide your business:

  • Develops and Maintains an Ongoing List of Inventory for All Production Systems – Your IT support team will help you create an inventory of all assets in your system to update on a monthly or quarterly basis. With this strategy, you’ll always have a detailed view of all operating systems, version types, and IP addresses, along with their physical locations and organizational owners.
  • Designs a Plan to Standardize All Systems for the Same Version Type – Computer security teams will help you standardize your asset inventory and systems, which makes patching easier, faster, and more efficient.
  • Creates a List of All Security Controls in Your System – Your patch management team will track your antivirus software, next-generation firewall, and vulnerability management tools, so you know where each one is and what it is protecting.
  • Compares Reported Vulnerabilities Against Your Asset Inventory – Dedicated IT consultants can use your vulnerability management tools to evaluate any risks found in your organization’s computing ecosystem.
  • Tests and Applies Patches – Your IT services team will determine which patches you need to install by running stress tests on your machines to make sure they will not cause issues in your production environment. Once they have determined which patches you need, they will provide expert installation to reduce risks in your ecosystem.
  • Tracks and Monitors Progress After Patch Updates – Once your security team installs the patches, they will monitor and assess your organization’s assets to ensure that the patch is successful.

Do You Need an IT Support Company for Your Patch Management?

If you need more IT support to keep your network secure against cyber-attacks and improve system uptime, regulatory compliance, and functionality, NerdsToGo is here to help. Our computer security experts have the knowledge and skills necessary to manage your software and provide strategic updates as needed.

Contact us today to learn more about patch management and our partnership with Avast and Barracuda.

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Top Benefits of Patch Management from a Professional IT Company