How Artificial Intelligence Enhances Brand Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises to change every aspect of the market as we know it. It already plays a huge role in our daily lives, even if many of us remain unaware of its presence. Businesses that take advantage of AI solutions are reaping the rewards in the form of greater productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

Brand management represents one of the most promising applications of AI. This is not some far-off dream, nor is it only available to major corporations. All organizations can enjoy the advantages of the many types of artificial intelligence. In fact, many small businesses with modest budgets have already implemented AI-powered online reputation solutions – and entrepreneurs are pleased by the results.

Below, we explain a few of the most exciting artificial intelligence benefits for customer experience and brand management:

Artificial Intelligence and Customer Experience

AI holds huge implications for customer experience. New solutions promise to cut down on waiting time to ensure that every commercial interaction is as streamlined as possible. Additionally, AI solutions can increase transparency so that consumers always feel informed. This, in turn, improves confidence, ultimately leading to greater customer loyalty.

Top options for using AI to improve customer experience include:

  • Virtual Assistants for eCommerce – Capable of answering questions and obeying a variety of commands, virtual assistants engage customers in basic conversations to help them determine which products will meet their needs.
  • Intelligent Chatbots to Solve Problems – Customer support once meant spending far too much time on the phone dealing with unresponsive or unsympathetic representatives. Chatbots promise to change this by automating the process to ensure that every user receives help instantaneously.
  • Customer Insights – A thorough understanding of the modern consumer is essential for success in today’s market. AI-empowered customer insights deliver exactly that by optimizing social listening and analyzing patterns in consumer data. The result? Personalized products, services, and marketing messages that appeal to specific types of shoppers.

How AI Can Be Applied to Reputation Management for Digital Media

Customer experience represents only the beginning of the myriad of opportunities that AI provides in the modern business sphere. Increasingly, AI is also regarded as a top option for reputation management. The customer insight strategies referenced above can be applied to reputation management by pinpointing areas of concern during social listening efforts.

While this can technically be accomplished with traditional staff members, today’s digital media platforms are too vast for most teams to handle. AI can take on a greater volume of content to get a better sense of what customers think about your brand and how you can make targeted improvements to better deliver on their expectations.

In addition to providing a basic overview of how customers perceive your business, AI-empowered reputation management allows you to determine what matters most to your target audience. It’s not enough to be aware of common critiques – you should also prioritize solutions based on the factors that customers deem most important.

Using AI to Monitor Your Online Reputation

Clearly, AI provides numerous opportunities for safeguarding your reputation. However, many businesses struggle to actually implement the right solutions and enjoy the benefits of artificial intelligence.

This approach takes some effort to master, so while the time savings can be considerable, benefits might not be apparent right away. As such, it’s important to understand which solutions apply to your situation and how they can be implemented effectively so that you’re able to make the most of AI as soon as possible.

Here are some tips to consider:

  • Select a Reputation Management Service That Uses Sentiment Analysis – This subset of Natural Language Processing (NLP) is capable of extracting opinions from text. Specifically, this solution should be able to determine customers’ emotions. This is becoming a surprising area of strength with modern AI solutions.
  • Opt for a Service with an Easy-to-Navigate Dashboard – Ideally, reputation management solutions will include intuitive dashboards with real-time insights. These provide a visual overview of customer data as it’s gathered, allowing for quick yet well-informed decisions in the event of a crisis.
  • Customize Your Online Reputation Campaign – There is no one-size-fits-all approach to integrating AI in online reputation management. For this reason, it’s important to monitor campaigns to ensure they’re run in a way that most benefits your organization. For example, business leaders may differ in their level of comfort with automating responses to certain types of customer interactions. This can be highly controlled in an AI-oriented campaign.

NerdsToGo: Your Resource for All Things AI

As you seek new opportunities for monitoring and protecting your digital presence, look to the experts at NerdsToGo for guidance. We make a point of keeping up with cutting-edge technology in the interest of better serving our valued customers. Our Nerds are happy to assess your current situation and help you determine which solutions will safeguard your online reputation. We can also implement advanced tech to improve customer experience.

Contact us today to learn more about our business consulting and tech services and to discover other options for using AI solutions to protect and improve your business!

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How Artificial Intelligence Enhances Brand Management