Water Damage and Your Laptop – Why It’s Not the End of the World

No matter how careful you are with your devices, you’re bound to run into problems at some point. The following scenario is especially common: In a moment of clumsiness or distraction, you spill a glass of water or some other liquid on your laptop. Now, you’re worried that your computer will be irreparably harmed.

Don’t panic – your device is not as doomed as you might think. Many laptops have suffered water damage and lived to see another day. What matters now is how you respond to the situation and whether you take action quickly enough to minimize the damage.

Water damage severity can have a varying impact on your devices. NerdsToGo proudly offers Apple Repair, Computer Repair, and Data Backup and Recovery to help keep you calm when your devices are exposed to water! 

How Can I Save My Laptop from Water Damage?

The longer your laptop is exposed to liquid, the more likely it is to suffer permanent damage. Hence, the importance of taking swift action to limit exposure. How you respond in the first few minutes after a spill may determine whether your laptop can ultimately be revived – or whether you’ll need to invest in a full replacement.

As soon as possible, power down the laptop. Don’t delay unless you’re concerned about your own safety – every second matters. Press down on the power button for longer than you think necessary to ensure that the laptop is completely powered off before you proceed. You should also remove components such as cables or flash drives.

Next, you can mitigate the damage by using a dry cloth or towel to wipe up excess liquid. Pay close attention to various vents and ports. You’ll also want to remove as much water from the keyboard area as you can. After you’ve wiped down your laptop, turn it upside down and let it drain over a towel or other absorbent material. While the liquid may appear to be entirely gone after just an hour, it’s important to keep the laptop draining for several hours or, if possible, a full day.

Once you believe your laptop has been completely drained, bring it to a computer repair shop. Even if it seems perfectly dry, minerals likely remain within several essential components. Over time, these can increase the potential for corrosion. Don’t be fooled by a laptop that initially seems to work after a spill – you could still be in for a breakdown in the near future. A professional cleaning will tackle residue to ensure that your laptop remains reliable for a long time. 

How Do You Know If Your Laptop Has Water Damage?

While water damage often occurs due to major spills, this problem can be more insidious than many laptop users suspect. Climate, for example, is to blame for many dysfunctional laptops, as high humidity may prompt a significant enough moisture content to damage a laptop’s internal components.

Because the causes of water damage can vary, it’s important to watch for signs of trouble even if you manage to avoid spills. Concerning issues that might warrant attention from an expert include:

  • Corrosion near solder joints
  • White or other discoloration near the motherboard
  • A sticky keyboard
  • Appearance of a bubble under the laptop screen

Select manufacturers provide a helpful indicator to make it obvious that devices have been exposed to liquid. While useful, these indicators alone should not be relied upon to determine whether water exposure might be an issue. When in doubt, it’s safest to seek attention from an expert.

Water Damage Repair and More: How Can the Experts at NerdsToGo Help?

While there’s no guarantee when it comes to water damage, it’s still worth your while to seek prompt attention from a team of experts. At NerdsToGo, we’re determined to do our part by providing excellence and becoming one of the most trusted brands in the industry for laptop and Macbook repair service. We’ve observed that the chances of a full recovery are far higher when customers stop by as soon as they notice any of the water damage symptoms highlighted above. Even if a significant amount of time has passed since the initial exposure to liquid, it may be worth your while to visit. Our certified Nerds have brought many laptops back to life after they’ve suffered sustained exposure to liquids.

If you’re unable to bring your laptop to our location, don’t hesitate to take advantage of our other troubleshooting and repair options. We offer remote services both online and over the phone. This option allows us to provide detailed guidance from afar so that you can limit the damage to your device in the immediate aftermath of a spill. We can also make arrangements for pickup repair services to ensure that all unseen water damage is addressed.

From water damage to cracked screens, the team at NerdsToGo Grapevine can provide a quick fix for your most pressing laptop or smartphone issues. With our assistance, you can get your device in working order without dealing with the added expense of a full replacement. We can also help you take a variety of preventative measures to limit the potential for future problems. Contact us today to learn more about our water damage restoration and other services.