Top Small Business IT Support Questions Our Nerds Get Asked

No matter the size of your company or the industry it occupies, IT plays a key role in your ability to compete in a technologically advanced marketplace. Unfortunately, IT needs are commonly neglected by small business owners who may assume they lack the budget or understanding necessary to implement effective solutions. In reality, however, small business owners are perfectly capable of keeping their IT protocols up to date. This endeavor simply warrants a little extra assistance from the experts. And luckily, NerdsToGo is here to provide proactive IT solutions.

At NerdsToGo, we understand the importance of having a good grasp on the ins and outs of your technology. IT may seem hopelessly complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Our nerds regularly answer a variety of questions from small business owners who are eager to ramp up their technological presence. We’ve highlighted a few of the most common questions – and answers – below:

When Should I (And How Can I) Update My Office Computers to Windows 10 or the Latest Software?

Software updates can be a hassle, especially if you are already satisfied with your current system or lack time to research and implement new solutions. Stalling, however, could spell big problems down the road. Software updates exist for a reason – in addition to providing greater efficiency and functionality, they dramatically improve your system’s security.

In an age of data breaches, it’s imperative that you take advantage of every option available to maintain exceptional security. Windows 10, in particular, offers numerous benefits over previous systems. Malware presence is limited on computers equipped with Windows 10, especially compared to those featuring Windows 7 and older operating systems.

The process of leveling up your computer software doesn’t have to cause endless headaches. Did you know that it’s possible to update your office computers to Windows 10 for free? The technicians at NerdsToGo are happy to help. With such an affordable switch available, there’s no reason to hang on to out-of-date systems.

How Do I Implement Small Business Cybersecurity Solutions and Firewalls to Prevent Data Breaches and Malicious Activity from Happening?

Over half of today’s small businesses have suffered data breaches – but that doesn’t automatically mean that your company is doomed. A wide array of measures can be enacted to improve business security. Firewalls are especially effective, as they block unsolicited incoming traffic, and, in some situations, specific types of outgoing traffic. Next-generation firewalls (NGFWs) are even better; these advanced systems harness the power of outside intelligence to ramp up inspection and intrusion prevention.

While it is possible to install firewalls on your own, this essential task is best left to a professional. An IT expert can help you choose and implement an effective option to keep security threats at bay. Outside assistance is especially valuable as you seek to improve your company’s security protocol via NGFW implementation.

Firewall installation is only the beginning. Unfortunately, firewalls are not invulnerable; other solutions may be needed to keep critical data safe. A robust security strategy should include risk assessment and off-site data management. Additionally, strong password protection and two-factor authentication should be employed to maintain greater security at the employee level. Together, these measures can limit the potential for data breaches.

How Do I Securely Store and Backup All of My Company’s and Clients’ Private Data? Should I Be Using the Cloud?

In the event of a hard drive failure or a security breach, you must maintain access to backed up data. Cloud data backup services are a popular option for securely storing data, as they provide off-site access at a reasonable cost. However, this approach is more diverse than most small business owners suspect. Backup solutions are often defined based on the point at which – and the extent to which – files are backed up. Common solutions include:

  • Full Data Backup (in which every file is backed up in its entirety) – While this option provides full coverage, extensive bandwidth needs prompt many businesses to consider other options.
  • Incremental Backup (in which only the files changed since the previous backup are preserved in their new form) – This approach may initially appear streamlined, but it also can result in several editions of backed up files, potentially prompting confusion later on.
  • Differential Backup (which looks a lot like incremental backup but is cumulative in nature) – Rather than backing up all files that have changed since the most recent incremental backup, this approach sticks to those altered since the last full backup.

No matter your preferred approach to data backup, it’s best to work with an IT provider that offers a range of data security services. In addition to providing proactive backup solutions, your IT company can assist with data recovery in the event of a hard drive failure or other catastrophes.

How Can Managed IT Services Help My Business Save Money?

When you use managed IT services, you’ll find countless opportunities for savings. Automation can be employed to bypass the inefficiencies and errors associated with manual processes. Efficiency can also be enhanced via the swift implementation of patches and upgrades, which can improve overall functioning without taking time away from your busy schedule.

In addition to ramping up efficiency, managed IT providers can fortify your system against common security threats, thereby reducing the potential for costly data breaches. By avoiding security issues, you can draw on your history of reliable service to build an essential sense of trust among clients and customers.

Innovation is critical in today’s quickly-moving economy. Data gathered and reported on by managed providers can inform key decisions, which, over time, may dramatically improve ingenuity and agility. Managed IT could lie at the heart of your company’s next big breakthrough.

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