Ushering in the Golden Age of Screens: Smart Technology is on the Throne

The future is made of screens. Second screen usage in homes and businesses is now second nature, but what’s to come? Today, two-thirds of people also use a mobile device as they watch TV while 38% of Internet users actively play games as they watch TV.

Our use of multiple screens simultaneously only continues to rise. The person who first said, “the future is now,” couldn’t have been more spot on when it comes to the ways screens bring added value to your business and home.

Screens Offer Flexibility

We have headed into a decentralized work environment–-especially since the pandemic–as Thomas Malone, MIT Professor and Director of MIT's Center for Collective Intelligence discussed in an interview. Screens have allowed us to do this. With the work-from-home trend, flexibility, efficiency, and productivity are on the minds of all business owners and employees.

“Flexibility is what everyone wants,” shared Chad Lemanski, franchisee at NerdsToGo of North Denver. “The lawyer wants to sit in court or a coffee shop and access files while also knowing that his files are protected and safe. All systems today have to be flexible and safe.”

Whether it’s an all-in-one computer or the need to sync devices for remote staff, the complexity of today’s business world requires a trusted partner to help manage your IT services.

Screens Are Increasing Convenience at Home

Since 2019, the average U.S. household has more than doubled its connected devices from 11 to 25. This, of course, means more screens and the need for more reliability and better networking capabilities that are secure. In the very near future, screens will take convenience and engagement to another level. Today, the central force of the smart home is the TV where users can seamlessly manage all devices for optimum usage daily. Expecting a trend of internet-connected devices to hit 4 per person by 2023, efficiency will be key with our homes (thermostats, TVs, and watches) as they become increasingly more intelligent. Wi-Fi 6 will be required for efficient usage of bandwidth amongst everyone’s devices from phones to TVs to gaming consoles.

For a better user experience and faster Internet performance, mesh networking has become popular lately. Instead of one access point in your home, a mesh network connects several access points around your home to get better signal, all without running new wires. Each of these access points, or nodes, connects back to others or the main node to stretch your WIFI signal across all your space. The main node connects directly to your Internet provider and to any other wired devices in your home, so everything works together seamlessly.

“For the home user, we go in and test speeds and have been incorporating mesh networking. People are concerned they aren’t getting what they paid for with their internet company, so they want NerdsToGo to ensure they’re optimizing their spend,” said Lemanski.

Chances are, you’ve probably been hearing a lot about the metaverse and how gaming is paving the way for everyday technology. As a result, immersive experiences are the name of the game moving forward. In gaming platforms, a connected community of people often shop virtually for items inside their digital ecosystem. This concept has also been translated into certain home shopping programs that allow you to order what you see at the touch of a button on your remote. These shopping innovations will keep consumers even more laser-focused and engaged with screens.

New Monitor Designs Demonstrate Forward Thinking and State-of-the-Art Technology 

As we approach the golden age of computer monitors, our generation will experience more advanced (even curved!) screens and screens with a higher resolution. Staying ahead of the “curve” means taking part in the immersive nature of screens and the value they can bring across industries from patient experience in healthcare to consumer functionality with retail.

“For greater visibility, the bigger the screen, the better,” said David Alcorn, franchisee at NerdsToGo of Kemah, Texas. “It promotes eye health, and for employees, it’s good to have dual monitors with larger visuals and copy for readability.”

Slimmer screens and flexible options that don’t distort image resolution provide endless possibilities for the needs of businesses and consumers. Gesture-controlled screens, as the ones seen in this innovative exhibit here created by the Rockwell Group, combine the physical world and the digital world for an even more interactive experience for virtual museum-goers.

Changing the Way We Interact with Technology

Touch screens, smart hubs that allow you to video chat while making dinner, and consistent breaking news updates on your cell phone have consumers expecting reliability and speed from all devices.

“One of our goals at NerdsToGo is to improve morale among our small business customers,” said David Alcorn, franchisee at NerdsToGo of Kemah, Texas. “Efficient computers create better productivity, shorter days, and better morale overall.”

With the excitement as screens continue to advance, NerdsToGo is part of that future and is dedicated to being at the forefront of technology. That future can even be seen in NerdsToGo’s newly redesigned logo which features the branded character, Nerdy, whose “main body” is (drumroll) a screen.

“We’ve elevated our brand to show current needs of the customers we serve,” said Jim Howe, President of NerdsToGo. “Our franchisees are knowledgeable in the latest technology trends and offerings, so they can provide solutions to help businesses run effectively and efficiently. Many are seeing an influx of customers who are looking to improve the way they use screens and implement technology in the home and office.”

As your trusted expert in technology for small business and home, the Nerds have got your back to make sure “screen world” is up and running smoothly by navigating and powering the technology that drives the screens. NerdsToGo assists with all solutions behind any screen. Call us today!