Repairs Compute for NerdsToGo

fleet of yellow NerdsToGo vans

FRANKLIN – With its distinctive yellow vans, NerdsToGo has been an easily visible addition along East Central Street.

The franchise – the company’s first in Massachusetts – opened its doors in July, offering on-site computer repair services for area residents and businesses. Franchise owner Kevin Martin said things had been going well in the business’ early weeks, as demand for these services often outstrips supply.

“We’ve been doing work all over – Milford, Millis, Medfield, Holliston, Wrentham, Norfolk, Walpole,” he said. “We’ve seen a lot of antivirus issues. When computer performance gets bad, for the most part, there’s malicious software on the system.”

One of the advantages of being part of a larger brand, Martin said, is access to helpful resources. He said his technicians, for example, might meet another employee with deeper knowledge on a particular topic. When that “nerd” runs into issues, they can seek help.

“The network allows them to give and gain knowledge,” Martin said. “They’re never alone.”

The company, Martin said, is platform-agnostic – that is, it services PCs, Macs and other devices alike, and the company’s “nerds” are trained to respect boundaries while conducting their repairs.

“Anytime you’re behind someone’s keyboard, that’s a personal space for them.” he said. “We do our diligence and all appropriate background checks to make sure these are guys you can rely upon.”

Martin said he’s been in tech for more than 30 years. He was in the Navy, having served on its submarine force – something that taught him self-reliance.

“When you’re on a submarine – there’s no support other than what you have around you,” he said.

After that, he worked in semiconductor manufacturing and software manufacturing.

Martin is a 20-year resident of Wrentham, and has been involved in the local community. He said he intended to go to Franklin’s various celebrations – such as the upcoming Harvest Festival – not just to promote his business, but to interact more with the town’s people.

In all, Martin said, a major focus of his business is to address tech issues in a straightforward and calming way.

“We don’t want to baffle people through ‘tech-speak,’” he said. “We want it to be fun, and not scary.”

Facts about NerdsToGo’s Franklin franchise:

Opened: July 12
Staff: Two “nerds” on staff, in discussions to expand
Phone: 774-582-6373
Address: 205 East Central St.