Top Virus Removal Software for 2018

Have you ever had pens leak through your pocket? There’s nothing worse than that, right? Wrong! What if you learned that something potentially malicious has taken over your computer? That’s pretty bad, and the worst part is that it could happen to any of us.

Whether you’re talking about a virus on your home computer, or the one you use for work, knowing that there’s been potential unauthorized access to your system gives you that pit-in-your-stomach feeling that everyone wants to avoid.

Since we’re nerds and we’re the experts, that gives us a lot of time to keep tabs on new threats as they arise. While there are a number of best practices to help you spot suspicious links and sites, the reality is that criminals are getting smarter and they are using discreet tactics to trick even the savviest of users.

Have no fear though. We nerds have some really good news! Once you’ve identified an issue, you just need to find a way to have the virus removed. And we here at NerdsToGo are happy to help you with that. However, there’s also some great computer virus removal software out there that can act as your strongest ally. But, not just any computer virus removal software will do my friends. You need an application that is up to date to protect against the latest threat factors and one that can combat and remove root issues from your device.

Ready for some nerd talk? Here are our top five recommendations for computer virus removal software:


Virus protection software brand Malwarebytes has been providing protection from viruses including malware, ransomware, and exploit attacks since 2006. That’s a trusty amount of time if you ask us! The software not only scans computers for possible threats, but what’s great is that it can also detect, remove, or block those advanced online threats that we see creeping up so much today across the web (anything from Adware to Popups). Malwarebytes virus protection and removal software can be used for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS and is available in both a free and premium version.


Avast offers a highly popular family of virus removal and protection products that boasts over 400 million users. The company touts its ability to deliver best in class security protections because it uses Nextgen technologies to stay ahead of any threats (we like this!). Their virus protection products make surfing the Web privately and safely, possible. And this is all thanks to security apps that scan computer systems and block known threats before they can even enter them. This can be used for Microsoft Windows, macOS, Android and iOS users, and is available in free, basic, and premium versions.


A subsidiary of Avast, this computer security offering is available across the globe as a respected name in the industry. The offering comes from a company that’s a pioneer in antivirus software that protects computers. To add a cherry on top, they also offer performance solutions to help tune up your computer and privacy services, so users can encrypt their connection and browse anonymously with a VPN, for safer online experiences. Versions from free to premium are available for PC, Mac, and mobile devices.


Year after year Norton is chosen as a preferred virus protection service by users because it’s able to run scans with little disruptions to their productivity. With subscription-based services, users can get virus protection for all of their devices including Windows PC, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. And since almost everyone has more than one device these days, LifeLock identity theft protection and Wi-Fi Privacy VPN are also available to keep all of them secure.


Focused on protecting users while on the Internet, this computer virus solution is a win in our book too. Available for both businesses and consumers, it delivers multi-vector protection. That means both endpoints and networks are monitored, and threat intelligence services can be used to keep users safe while they’re connected online. (We told you we’d get nerdy!)

Of course, if that’s not enough or you’d rather have the nerds work their magic, we’re always here to help too! Give NerdsToGo a call and we’ll send one of our computer virus repair service nerds to the rescue. Our virus removal services can get your computer back in working order and help protect your system against similar attacks in the future. We’ll even share our tips on what to watch out for and avoid in the future, so you can keep your computer away from potential harm! Contact us today to get started.