Top 3 Reasons Why Every Small Business Needs a Dedicated IT Support Team

As a small business, you face a range of unique challenges that can either be aided or worsened by technology. IT solutions could make all the difference, and yet, if you’re like most small companies, you lack the resources you so desperately need. In-house IT is probably not realistic but ignoring your most pressing IT challenges could lead to disaster. The solution? Outsourced IT, which can provide considerable relief. Let’s outline a few key benefits below:

Save Money By Only Paying for the Managed IT Services You Need

How much time and money do you waste by ineffectively dealing with IT issues you are poorly equipped to handle? Unfortunately, if you’re like most small businesses, you lack the resources necessary to maintain an in-house IT department. Another approach is available – outsourcing IT services to specialists who can affordably and effectively address your tech concerns.

Managed IT services can quickly transform a potentially expensive fixed-cost approach to a variable cost system in which you only pay for the services you need. Instead of dedicating a vast portion of your budget to underutilized in-house services, you can rely on a team of IT experts to provide the targeted solutions your business requires – and nothing more. You can finally bid farewell to temp agencies, which may be ill-equipped to provide the level of service you need.

Increase Company Efficiency to Stay Ahead of the Competition

How does your company’s IT approach stack up against the competition? In a fierce market, you need every advantage available – especially as you attempt to ramp up efficiency. With managed IT services, you can streamline a variety of systems, thereby improving accessibility and minimizing downtime. Freed from the burden of IT demands, you can focus on other priorities while making the most of your natural talents and passions.

Many options are available for streamlining everyday processes. Automated services are especially enticing; these reduce your company’s manual workload while preventing double entries and other common human errors. IT experts can help you identify where automation can be best employed – and how to integrate new systems with existing infrastructure to ensure a streamlined approach.

In addition to automated solutions, outsourced IT allows your business to implement new technology efficiently and effectively. In-house implementation could take weeks – even months – to achieve. When you outsource IT services, you can take advantage of new tech opportunities as soon as they become available.

No matter what your preferred IT approach is, you can count on your outsourced team to provide the in-depth feedback and support you require. Through business consulting, you can determine exactly what it will take to achieve your company’s most ambitious goals – and how you can make the most of a robust IT strategy.

Protect Your Sensitive Data & Prevent Business Data Breaches

These days, it’s not a matter of if, but when hackers will strike. An alarming report from the Identity Theft Resource Center suggests that breaches have become far more common in recent years – with 1,300 significant attacks occurring in 2017. Furthermore, a concerning survey released by The Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection and Insurance Co. reveals that over half of businesses have suffered security breaches in the past year alone.

In this risk-heavy tech environment, advance preparation is critical. From simple steps such as shoring up your password to blocking would-be hackers with advanced systems, a variety of options are available for protecting your company’s most sensitive data. Unfortunately, these security measures require significant time and expertise to employ.

Few small businesses have the resources available to properly protect their IT infrastructure. Instead, far too many rely on the costly and ineffective approach of ignoring security concerns in the present and putting out fires as they occur. Not only does this approach fail to protect critical data, but it can also lead to further breaches down the road.

Dedicated IT support teams offer a more strategic and comprehensive approach to data protection, drawing heavily on the cliché, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” IT experts draw on a variety of techniques and solutions to stave off hackers. They are also better equipped to respond promptly and strategically to any breaches that do occur. Their swift response can minimize the damage associated with data breaches – and reduce the likelihood of future breaches causing further damage.

From automated systems to robust security solutions, managed IT support teams offer a vast array of valuable services for small and midsize businesses looking to ramp up their tech approach. Outsourced IT services could play a key role in preventing data breaches, increasing business efficiency, and ultimately gaining an edge on the competition.

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