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Managed IT Services

Onsite and remote managed service for your business.

The managed IT services at NerdsToGo give business owners everything they need to feel confident in their technology. Through careful monitoring and expert services, our Nerds can spot problems, make recommendations, and ensure that your systems are functioning properly – so you can spend more time growing your business.


At NerdsToGo, we've developed our own managed service platform that combines carefully selected best-of-breed technologies with unparalleled customer service. If you're looking for affordable Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring, you'll find we balance our expertise with your budget.

Data Protection and Monitoring

All businesses want to know the moment their data has been breached, so leaders can step into damage control mode as quickly as possible. NerdsToGo takes this concept one step further by monitoring your data from our NOC to catch vulnerabilities before they turn into disasters.

Cybersecurity Monitoring

We believe that cybersecurity should be as unique as the business you run. That’s why we take the time to learn and assess your current protections, so you can get a better idea of what's working and where improvements are needed.

Remote Support Center (24/7 Phone Support)

Hackers and other cyber-criminals aren’t going to keep regular business hours – so neither are we. Our ongoing phone support system is always available to walk you through security procedures, answer your questions, and mitigate the potential dangers of a system failure.


Certain IT services for small businesses can be managed off-site, but some issues require an in-person intervention. With onsite IT services, our Nerds get a birds-eye view of your technology, so they can make the best recommendations for improvements and solutions.

Onsite Engineering Team

Our onsite engineering team is here to help our clients handle any problems or requests that can't be solved over the phone. Get quality assistance whenever you need it without having to hire a full-time professional.

Onsite IT Technicians

From installing a firewall to backing up your data, our Nerds provide quality IT services for small businesses. Our IT technicians can examine your business’ technology and perform minor upgrades or suggest necessary repairs.

Printer Repair

Printers can be temperamental equipment for small business owners, and unfortunately, they always seem to malfunction at the worst possible time. That’s why we’re here to repair and maintain your machinery, so you can get the most out of your investment.


NerdsToGo is committed to providing IT support for businesses that want to optimize their technology. With our strategic IT consulting services, we can help you ensure your systems are as efficient and effective as possible.

IT Consulting

Are you tired of trying to determine the best way to organize your data? Worried that your hardware needs to be updated soon? With our IT consulting services, our Nerds will help you answer all of your important technology questions.

Custom IT Solutions and Plans

Your business is unique – from your products and services to your budget, client-base, and technology needs. So why should your IT be one-size-fits-all? At NerdsToGo, we can customize your IT plan to ensure your business has everything it needs to succeed.

Affordable IT Services for Small Businesses

We believe that expert IT services shouldn't consume the majority of your budget. That’s why we offer affordable remote data management, business data security, and onsite IT services. Our clients find the level of service is in no way affected by our reasonable prices.


Network integration is a big reason why small businesses resist technology upgrades – ensuring that your entire infrastructure is unified often seems like a daunting task. NerdsToGo cuts down on your headaches by leveraging our many resources for your benefit.

Networking Services

Your network plays a major role in the safety and the speed of your business. Whether you’d like to improve the speed of your system or make it more secure, NerdsToGo can help.

Printer Set Up

It's not always easy to get your new printing hardware to play nice with your old computer software. A simple hookup from one connection to another can end up taking far longer than anyone planned. Let us take care of the installation hassles so all you have to do is click “print”.

Upgrade Your Entire Office to Windows 10

An old operating system doesn't just run slower, it's also more likely to be attacked. The longer a version has been on the market, the easier it is for hackers to exploit it. Let us upgrade you to Windows 10, so you can feel confident knowing that your data is as secure as possible.


Managed IT services are here to cure your technology headaches and make sure your systems are running efficiently. Don’t wait until your network slows down or your data is compromised – call NerdsToGo today to stay ahead of the curve.

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Prompt service Quality work Upfront prices

When looking for computer or technology help, you want the best. NerdsToGo has been named a number one source for computer service and solutions by small businesses and residential computer users throughout the United States. Our Nerds are on call 24-hours a day, 7-days a week for emergency computer & technology diagnosis and repair. We service the entire United States through our fast-growing network of franchise partners across the United States.

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"I love Nerds To Go! Nerds To Go reviewed my insurance agency systems to make sure we were safe. They are local and deliver quick cost effective service. Did you know that they also repair cell phones?
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