The Importance of Surge Protection and UPS During Thunder and Lightning Storms

Thunderstorms are a big deal, which stands out as especially dangerous in the Annual Lightning Report’s official list of states with the most lightning strikes. In 2018, for example, 2,483,805 negative cloud-to-ground flashes occurred in the state. San Antonio, in particular, tends to be hit hard, with one especially intense storm in June 2019 prompting an astounding 3,500 strikes.

Many San Antonio residents are well aware of the prevalence of lightning in their hometown – as well as the need for caution. But while most know how to keep themselves safe, many fail to give their technology the same level of protection. Of course, physical safety is of paramount importance, but tech issues can cause significant financial and emotional devastation, too.

Let’s take a closer look at the many risks lightning poses for San Antonio computers – and how residents and business owners can use surge protection and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to protect critical systems and data.

How Storms Can Harm Your PC

Severe weather conditions pose several risks for your computer and other equipment. First, lighting strikes may hit the electrical grid, prompting power surges. Even more alarming, however, might be the long-term power outages that commonly accompany these storms. Lightning is not needed for outages to occur; wind, hail, and heavy rain can all halt the much-needed power in your home. When such outages happen, your PC could be vulnerable to a whole host of problems, including disappearing files and corrupted data.

How Does UPS Help?

UPS minimizes the potential for power issues with your computer, especially in the aftermath of a storm. This solution essentially consists of an oversized surge protector and includes a built-in battery. If you plug your computer into the UPS, it will continue to run in the event of an outage. How long it runs will depend largely on the size of the battery and the amount of power your PC requires. Some UPS solutions are purely designed to accommodate short-term outages, while others are equipped to handle longer periods without power.

Surge Protector Versus UPS (And Why You Should Use Them Together)

Many home and business owners already use surge protection to keep their devices safe. This is an important first step, but it may not prove sufficient when used alone. After all, outages pose as much of a risk to your data as power surges.

An ideal approach will integrate both surge protection and UPS. Neither of these methods may be enough to keep your computer safe on their own. However, together, they can provide a valuable element of protection. Surge protector power strips provide an initial barrier capable of handling not only lightning strikes but also electrical issues that may occur even when the weather is perfect. Meanwhile, UPS provides secondary protection, ensuring that the devices within your home or business continue to run if power is unavailable.

Should I Unplug My Computer During a Thunderstorm?

While surge protectors and UPS can provide much-needed protection during inclement weather, it never hurts to take extra steps to keep your computer safe. Unfortunately, data loss can occur even if you make a point of using these methods at all times. If the weather forecast suggests lightning or thunder, it’s best to turn off and unplug your computer sooner than later. Likewise, you should plan to keep all computers unplugged if you will be away from your home or place of business for more than a day or two. Storms can pop up at any time – and if you’re not around to unplug your computer, the results could be devastating. No matter your location, you should never actively use a computer during a lightning storm. In doing so, you could place both your computer and your life at risk.

Why It’s Important to Back Up Your Data

UPS dramatically reduces the potential for lost data, but it won’t eliminate all risk. Even if your UPS is equipped with an exceptional battery, a long-term power outage could ultimately cause your computer to shut down. That’s why preparation for the worst-case scenario is essential. This can be accomplished through data backup, which allows you to complete a quick restore. By investing in a robust data backup solution, you can rest assured that your most sensitive data remains safe, even during a storm.

A proactive approach is essential as you prepare for storm season in Texas. As a San Antonio resident or business owner, it’s not a matter of if you will lose power, but rather, when. The sooner you invest in surge protection, UPS, and data backup, the better. You’ll never regret taking the steps needed to keep your devices and data safe. NerdsToGo offers expert data backup and recovery services in San Antonio.

Trusted Computer Repair Services

If you’re ready to move forward with securing your computer and its data, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the talented team at NerdsToGo. We offer a variety of services designed to help you mitigate the worst aspects of the Texas storm season. Our Nerds will happily assist you with surge protector installation and provide any additional in-home computer services that you might need. In the event of an outage, we can deliver the necessary fixes to get your home or business back on track. Rain or shine, NerdsToGo can help! Contact us today to learn more about our installation and repair services.