Virus Protection & Cybersecurity for Your Small Business: How to Prevent a Cyber-Attack

If you think your business is too small to fall prey to a cyber-attack, think again. According to recent data, small businesses account for 58 percent of all cybersecurity breaches. Unfortunately, more than half of all small businesses will fail within six months of an attack. Can you afford to risk your whole company by being unprepared?

The truth is that too many small businesses leave themselves open to attacks by not staying up-to-date with digital threats. However, by simply implementing a security plan into your business protocol, you can head off a majority of the dangers out there today.

Firewall Security for Internet Connections

Firewall security is an important aspect of your protocol. Think of your firewall as an invisible shield around your network, keeping intruders out without compromising the flow of information between employees and clients. Your internet connections are an integral aspect of your ability to do business at a level that competes with larger firms in your industry. Using networks that are not secure is one of the most common ways for hackers to gain access to your files and, in the worst-case scenario, your database. With firewall security in place, you can head off common human errors that could lead to serious data breaches.

Data Backups on the Cloud

When cloud computing first came about, many companies were reticent to jump on board. They preferred to house their data internally because they felt that it was safer. Today, that’s no longer the case. Cloud data backups allow you to keep current versions of all of your information safely stored online. If your internal files are ever compromised or a natural disaster wipes out your physical space, your data will still be available for retrieval. Another perk of cloud services are their robust security protocols. This makes the cloud even more secure than most private networks.

Secure Wi-Fi Networks

Wi-Fi security is an important concern for most businesses today. This includes any Wi-Fi networks in your office location and connections used by employees remotely. Proper encryption protocols must be used to provide the most robust security possible for these network connections. You should also make an absolute rule that no employees are to use company devices on public Wi-Fi networks. This might even include their personal cell phones or iPads if they log into work email or databases remotely. With more employees working remotely and from their own devices, your technology protocols will be key to keeping data protected going forward.

Employee Training to Help Spot Suspicious Activity

You trust and value your employees. Therefore, it would be disheartening to find that one of your team members was behind a data breach. Unfortunately, that’s one of the most common ways for companies to find themselves compromised. However, there is some good news here – in most cases, the data loss or breach was caused by human error rather than malice or theft. For example, simple mistakes such as clicking on a convincingly legitimate phishing email can spark a major cyber-attack.

One way to combat this common scenario is by mandating employee training and security protocols. We find that most companies don’t use best practices in their day to day business operations. Because of this, many employees are simply unaware of what security threats exist and how to spot phishing activities or suspicious websites. By training your employees in cybersecurity practices and mandating better procedures, you’re more likely to avoid some of the most common employee errors.

Enhance Security & Prevent Viruses with RMM for Small Businesses

Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) is key for small businesses to catch any threat before it becomes a problem. This service provides comprehensive, real-time surveillance of your systems. With remote data management for businesses, you’ll receive updates on any issues within your network, including security alerts. This allows you to address problems as soon as they occur, which can minimize damage significantly.

At NerdsToGo, we offer affordable RMM for small businesses in all industries. With our managed IT services, you can carry on with the necessary work that moves your company forward. Meanwhile, we’ll dedicate ourselves to keeping your data and networks secure. Our team provides around-the-clock remote monitoring at an affordable price. This means less downtime and a far lower risk of data loss.

Looking for the Top IT Services to Help Protect Your Small Business?

At NerdsToGo, we specialize in helping our clients improve their business processes and keep their data secure. We’re happy to assess your current protocols and design a secure IT infrastructure that will enhance your cybersecurity efforts. We also offer fully-managed IT services, so you never have to worry about going it alone. For more information about our money-saving IT solutions for small businesses, or to schedule a consultation, contact us today!