Best Smart Home Devices of 2020: The Top Three Home Tech Items Worth Investing In

The Internet of Things (IoT) has blessed us with a stunning array of devices that optimize every aspect of our lives. These days, we listen to music on smart speakers, control interior environments with smart thermostats, and wake up to hot beverages freshly brewed in smart coffee machines.

If there’s a downside to all of this connectivity, it’s the confusion of keeping so many moving parts straight. Under a haphazard approach, smart home automation could cause more problems than it solves, leaving you with a jumble of devices that fail to work together in a streamlined fashion. Worse yet, the wrong approach could actively compromise your home’s security. However, if you develop a strategic plan complete with careful device selection, you can enjoy the best aspects of the IoT revolution while bypassing its drawbacks.

Keep the following devices in mind as you develop an effective home automation strategy:

Smart Home Hub

A well-designed hub or controller should form the basis of your home automation system. This critical tool unifies a variety of devices and apps to deliver greater oversight for your entire smart home setup. Equipped with the right hub, you can control all smart home functions from a single program, rather than waste time juggling several apps. While some smart device enthusiasts can function without a hub, it is non-negotiable for any homeowner who anticipates using more than three or four products on a regular basis.

Hub selection largely depends on the types of devices you intend to use and the protocols with which they’re compatible. Thankfully, many of the current heavyweights on the smart home hub market support multiple protocols, leaving you free to invest in a wider array of IoT devices. The Wink Hub 2, for example, supports dual-band Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Z-Wave, and even Alexa voice commands. Plus, this versatile hub can control smart devices produced by a variety of trusted manufacturers, including Nest, Honeywell, and Chamberlain. Similarly, the Samsung SmartThings Hub supports a broad spectrum of protocols and devices.

Hybrid systems are also worth considering, as they go beyond smart device control to actively address Wi-Fi dead spots. The TP-Link Deco M9 Plus makes its mark by delivering an efficient and integrated network while handling a range of devices and systems.

Smart Thermostats

The modern smart home makes it easy and even enjoyable to reduce your carbon footprint and energy bills. Smart thermostats, in particular, provide impressive efficiency by learning your habits and using gathered data to adjust heating and cooling. This delivers greater comfort while helping you live out your eco-friendly ideals.

A variety of options provide the ultimate in smart home efficiency while also serving several functions beyond heating and cooling. The Nest has long been a top name in home automation, and with good reason: it’s notoriously easy to use and capable of managing today’s homes with minimal user input. Ecobee also warrants consideration, especially as its fifth-generation model provides full support for Alexa.

Smart Home Security Systems

Peace of mind represents a top advantage of smart home features, which allow you to check in regularly to ensure that all is well at your residence. Smart security systems take this concept to the next level by integrating networks of carefully placed sensors, cameras, and other features to protect your home against intruders. Under this approach, all possible entry points are secured and connected to a command center, which communicates with designated elements and can arm or disarm your security system as needed. Several of the latest systems are also capable of monitoring for environmental threats.

The modern smart home security market features a variety of systems ranging from simple DIY approaches to extensive networks that require professional installation and monitoring. Top options include SimpliSafe for an easy, yet reliable solution and ADT Pulse for advanced security.

No matter your preferred level of professional assistance, it’s important to take a close look at the network security associated with potential systems. While the current lineup of smart security offerings guards effectively against physical threats, not all are invulnerable to hacking and other sources of digital danger. That being said, a variety of protective measures can be implemented to minimize such risks.

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