How Internet Muggers Target Their Victims – And How to Keep Your Business Safe from Cyber-Attacks

Cyber-attacks constantly hit headlines – especially major breaches that impact millions of victims. However, despite worrying about such risks, most people fail to take precautions for the smaller, yet still devastating breaches that target a variety of companies and individuals. Small business owners, in particular, optimistically assume that attackers will focus on larger targets. Many fail to invest in the most basic security measures – and when they’re inevitably targeted, devastation ensues.

Unfortunately, today’s cybercriminals look little like the digital bank robbers we’ve come to fear. Many are savvy, but they don’t necessarily enjoy access to fancy equipment. Instead, they’re far more like muggers – criminals of convenience. Rather than targeting huge corporations that boast extensive security, many hackers opt to defraud the little guy instead. Small businesses might not produce huge dividends, but they’re often easy to rip off.

Small Business Cybercrime by the Numbers

The increasing prevalence of small business cybercrime is evidenced by results from the 2019 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, in which 43 percent of represented victims were small business owners. These individuals were not aware of the danger until it was far too late. In fact, 56 percent of respondents claimed that breaches took several months to discover.

Not only are small business cyber-attacks more common, but they also cost far more to mitigate. According to experts at Kaspersky Labs, the average security incident prompts recovery costs of over $85,000 for small and midsize businesses. Many never recover from this financial devastation, particularly if they are repeatedly victimized by hacking incidents.

Cybersecurity Solutions for Businesses

The threat of cybercrime cannot be denied, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that small businesses are doomed. Because so many cybercriminals seek convenience above all else, they can often be deterred by basic security measures. Affordable to implement, these solutions provide valuable peace of mind while minimizing the likelihood of suffering devastating breaches.

Key preventative measures suggested by the Federal Communications Commission include:

  • Establishing basic security protocols for employees, including strong passwords and detailed internet usage guidelines. Employees should also participate in regular security training.
  • Limiting administrative privileges to trusted IT personnel.
  • Consistently updating operating systems and security software to promote greater defense against malware and viruses.
  • Installing business firewalls and ensuring that employees who work on a remote basis are also protected.
  • Investing in regular data backups for financial files, accounts receivable, and HR documents. Resist the urge to provide a single employee with access to all data or controls.

A few additional layers of protection can make a world of difference for your business security. Effective security solutions could dramatically reduce your likelihood of suffering identity theft, DDoS attacks, and a variety of other computer issues.

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