The Best Small Business Cloud Data Storage Solution & How It Works

Is your business connected to the public cloud? In all likelihood, your workplace relies on at least one modern cloud solution for storing and sharing files. However, if you’re like many small businesses, your cloud approach could likely use a serious upgrade.

Enterprise-level cloud service could prove a boon for your organization, offering everything from expanded storage to much-needed security improvements. By leveling up your cloud approach, you could transform how your employees and clients interact on a digital basis, providing the impetus for impressive growth and innovation.

The Benefits of Cloud Services for Small Businesses

The cloud holds a myriad of benefits for today’s small businesses, which require flexible, affordable, and highly secure data storage and sharing. Key benefits associated with enterprise cloud solutions include:

  • Expanded – and often, unlimited – file storage.
  • Abundant security features to keep sensitive data safe from prying eyes.
  • Easier access for remote employees and other workers on the go.
  • Simple integration with programs and apps your employees already use.
  • Reduced reliance on data centers and other expensive storage solutions.
  • Maximum uptime, including access to offline apps.
  • Exceptional collaboration that allows a variety of employees and clients to share critical information in real time.

Top Options for Business Cloud Storage

While the cloud provides considerable value for modern small businesses, not just any solution will do. Free cloud storage options intended for everyday consumers may not offer sufficient security or storage space for small businesses. On the other hand, some enterprise-level solutions are too expensive for organizations on a budget.

Thankfully, there are a variety of options – and in today’s cloud environment, there really is something for everyone. The following are among the most popular cloud storage solutions for small businesses:

Dropbox Business

Dropbox has long been one of the most recognizable names in the cloud marketplace, and for good reason: the service was largely responsible for the past decade’s transformation in file storing and sharing. Today, Dropbox Business is far more than a simple storage solution. Increasingly focused on collaboration, it offers useful features such as Smart Sync and Remote Wipe to improve both convenience and security. However, it’s far from perfect. Limited online editing, in particular, remains a common complaint.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a top choice among some of today’s most successful corporations (including the likes of Coca-Cola and Goldman Sachs). It offers a variety of advanced enterprise features that allow businesses to improve operational efficiency while also developing valuable new revenue streams.

This business cloud option is among the most comprehensive, as it provides easy access to a myriad of third-party add-ons. If there’s a downside to this range of offerings, however, it’s the confusion associated with the AWS setup process. Pricing, in particular, can be difficult to determine – a clear area of concern for businesses with limited resources.

Google Drive Enterprise

Google Drive hit over one billion users in 2018 – and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. Its value at the personal level is well-understood, but many business owners are just as enthusiastic about its enterprise offerings.

Designed to work seamlessly with Office 365, Google Drive Enterprise also provides easy access to such familiar provisions as Google Docs, Slides, and Sheets. Flexible payment options make this an ideal approach for businesses in need of scalable solutions. Despite these benefits, OneDrive for Business remains the preferred option for those emphasizing integration with Microsoft Office.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business

At NerdsToGo, we recommend OneDrive for many of the small businesses we serve. Not only is this solution included with Office 365, but it is also available with SharePoint Online plans. If necessary, it can be purchased separately at a surprisingly low cost. This system’s inclusion with multiple programs makes it highly affordable for most users, but that’s not where the benefits end.

If your business is already plugged into the Microsoft ecosystem, you will benefit immeasurably from using OneDrive for Business. Under this approach, you and your employees will enjoy seamless integration with the programs you already take advantage of daily, including Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Teams, and, of course, Office 365.

Exceptional desktop synchronization is often cited as one of the service’s top benefits. A variety of built-in search tools are provided to ensure that users quickly locate the most relevant files and apps. This can save employees a lot of time that might otherwise be spent hunting down elusive documents.

Recent developments have made OneDrive an even more desirable option for small businesses. Artificial intelligence, in particular, promises to transform how organizations and employees interact with the cloud. Automated file recommendations and transcription further streamline OneDrive’s already highly accessible interface to make every cloud interaction productive.

Searching for Business IT Support? NerdsToGo Can Help

Still not sure which cloud solution is right for your business? Don’t hesitate to look to the team at NerdsToGo for assistance. Not only can our technicians provide valuable guidance as you select the ideal cloud setup, but we’ll also help you get your enterprise cloud solution up and running. We’re proud to offer excellent business IT support in Seattle and Bellevue, including cloud solutions, remote monitoring, and data backup, too.

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