macOS 11 Big Sur: What It Is & What Problems To Expect

We all love the iPhone, but there’s more to Apple than this snazzy device. The beloved tech company also provides some of the most cutting-edge features and abilities with its latest and greatest operating system: macOS Big Sur. This update promises to change the very nature of how we interact with desktop and laptop computers.

We’ve seen the Big Sur excitement at NerdsToGo, and we want to do our part to make this impressive operating system (OS) as accessible and reliable as possible. Below, we’re highlighting a few of the most important developments to expect with macOS Big Sur, as well as common problems and solutions to be aware of as you get started.

What Is macOS Big Sur and Why Are Apple Enthusiasts So Excited?

Released in late 2020 and already making waves, macOS Big Sur provides an exciting operating system update for dedicated Mac users. This is arguably the most revolutionary development yet, as it transforms several aspects of the digital experience.

Perhaps most notably, the macOS Big Sur update brings Apple’s computers and mobile devices into greater alignment, allowing for a more seamless shift from the iPhone or iPad to the Mac – and back again. To achieve this ambitious objective, Apple has redesigned its operating system to make the Mac user interface look more like what you’d see on a typical iPhone.

Other exciting features include:

  • A redesigned menu bar with a translucent look.
  • Updated symbols that improve consistency within toolbars and sidebars.
  • Safari privacy reports provided by the Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature.
  • New widgets for the Notification Center.
  • A WebExtensions API option for bringing Chrome extensions to Safari.
  • The ability to pin several conversations near the top of Messages.
  • Cryptographically signed system volume to reduce the risk of malicious tampering.

These updates only scratch the surface. There is so much more to discover with macOS Big Sur, to the point that using the updated operating system for the first time feels a bit like embarking on a digital adventure. After a few minutes, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without all of its revolutionary features.

Why Are Some Users Having Problems with macOS Big Sur?

While there’s a lot to love about macOS Big Sur, it has yet to reach perfection. The operating system has prompted a few problems for new users, although these are, for the most part, easy to fix.

The most commonly cited issues include:

  • Installation Error Messages – When some users try to get started with macOS Big Sur, they receive frustrating notifications such as “network connection was lost” or “installation failed.” These messages may arrive when several people attempt to download the operating system update at the same time. In other cases, the problem relates to a simple lack of computer space.
  • Bad Gateway Errors – Another common error message received by Mac users as they try to install macOS Big Sur is a bad gateway notification. Often, this can be resolved by starting the Mac in Safe Mode.
  • Getting Stuck at “Setting Up Your Mac” – Some users are unable to move past the “Setting Up Your Mac” step, which lets you know that the update is complete. If this happens, you can reboot your Mac without fearing data loss. Once you’ve pressed the power button, turned off your device, and restarted it, you’ll be able to boot into your new operating system.
  • Lack of Compatibility – Unfortunately, not all Apple computers are compatible with macOS Big Sur. In most cases, the 2013 editions of the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and the Mac Pro should suffice, but some computers require versions from 2014 or even 2015. Be sure to check for your device’s compatibility before you attempt to install the updated operating system.

Prepare for Big Sur by Backing Up Your Files with NerdsToGo

Given all the exciting developments for Mac users, it can be tempting to dive right in and take advantage of all that the Big Sur update has to offer. However, this approach is not wise, as any major change to your device is accompanied by an increased potential for data loss.

If you want to feel 100 percent confident that all files will survive the switch to Big Sur, you must back them up first. For even more peace of mind, consider working with an Apple technician who has a wealth of experience in providing Mac computer help.

The experts at NerdsToGo can assist with cloud backup to keep your data safe and secure. We’re also happy to guide you through the entire Big Sur setup process so that you can focus on enjoying all of the new features that come with the update.

We’re well aware of the bugs that have accompanied the macOS Big Sur launch, but we also know what it takes to prevent or correct these problems, so you can make the most of your updated Mac. Contact us today to learn more about our Apple services!