NerdsToGo Bonita Springs Is Open & Committed to Providing Safe Technology Services

Technology has long dominated our daily lives, but it holds that much more importance in the age of Coronavirus. These days, we depend on social media and video conferencing to provide a link to the outside world as we remain socially distanced from one another. When these services don’t work, we grow not only annoyed but also devastated as our final sense of connection disappears.

The importance of functioning networks and devices cannot be denied as we struggle to come to terms with our new way of life. Unfortunately, the very act of repairing and upgrading these essentials can induce anxiety in those who are desperate to avoid inadvertently spreading – or contracting – COVID-19. Hence, the importance of seeking assistance from a Naples and Bonita Springs computer repair company that holds a strong reputation.

At NerdsToGo, we understand your concerns surrounding Coronavirus. That’s why we’re here to provide the assistance you require while also putting your mind at ease. Our Nerds are well aware of the current situation, but they also know that prompt and high-quality service is key as you navigate these unprecedented times through the power of technology. To ensure your needs are met in the safest manner possible, we’re pleased to provide expert assistance via phone and virtual support, as well as a variety of safe onsite solutions.

Remote Computer Services

The NerdsToGo Bonita Springs team has long offered remote services in the interest of enhancing customer convenience. Long before Coronavirus emerged, we understood that not all tech users could visit us in person when faced with frustrating network or device issues. Now, our remote services take on a new level of importance as we strive to help locals fix top tech problems while minimizing exposure.

Depending on your personal preferences, you’re welcome to contact us over the phone or online. Either way, our Nerds will provide expert computer support. Top remote services include:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Laptop repair
  • PC repair
  • Smartphone repair
  • Assistance with slow Wi-Fi

We’ll walk you through every aspect of troubleshooting and repair. Depending on the nature of your concerns, it may be possible to fix your device or home network connection without ever coming into contact with our Nerds.

Safe Onsite Repairs

Remote services can be relied upon to detect and fix a variety of problems, but some situations call for onsite attention. When such services are unavoidable, it’s crucial that you seek out a computer repair company that employs current best practices for avoiding transmission.

Hygiene has always been a priority for the NerdsToGo Bonita Springs team, but we’ve taken on even stricter measures to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Our Nerds maintain full compliance with the Center for Disease Control’s (CDC) current guidelines. Key measures include:

  • Sanitizing and disinfecting both our equipment and customers’ devices before and after use.
  • Requiring the use of gloves for cleaning staff.
  • Using bleach-based cleaners to wipe down high-traffic areas.
  • Washing hands before and after touching customers’ computers and other devices.

Our Nerds promptly leave any environment if they suspect that customers may be ill. Additionally, they are strictly barred from reporting to work if they show any symptoms.

While we’re happy to come to your home and assist you with your tech woes, we also offer no-contact pickup service. Under this approach, we can pick up any problematic devices and repair them in our store. We also provide contact-free curbside service in our Nerd Van.

While we believe that our current procedures dramatically reduce the potential spreading of Coronavirus, we also recognize the quickly evolving nature of the pandemic and the research that surrounds it. We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes as needed to ensure that we remain in full compliance with all state and federal regulations.

Contact NerdsToGo for In-Home and Remote Computer Services in Naples and Bonita Springs, FL

As you deal with the stress of the Coronavirus pandemic, the last thing you need is a technological headache. Thankfully, you don’t have to choose between handling tech concerns on your own and placing your loved ones at risk. NerdsToGo is practicing all CDC sanitation guidelines, so we can provide safe and effective service. With the NerdsToGo Bonita Springs team in your corner, you can take comfort in knowing that the region’s most trusted tech authorities are here to help.

Whether you’re on the hunt for remote assistance or onsite technicians who understand the importance of strict hygiene, you’re in luck – our certified Nerds will come to the rescue. Contact us today to learn more about our remote and in-home computer repair in Naples, Bonita Springs, and nearby FL.