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Child Protection on the Internet

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Much like a big city, the Internet has a lot of great and beautiful places to visit, but there are also a lot of dangerous places too - especially for a child without supervision. With NerdsToGo, you can keep your children safe while on the internet by installing a Safety and Security Center. This is the most comprehensive option available today and will provide you with the necessary tools to protect, restrict, and monitor your child's activity while using the computer. At NerdsToGo we will make you feel comfortable allowing your child to explore the wonders of this big world we call the Internet.

Computer & Internet Child Protection Services

  • Parental Control Tools to Restrict Child's Computer Activity - NerdsToGo will install a Safety and Security Center that enables you to have an inside look at what’s happening on your child’s computer. Whether using the computer for school or fun, you can restrict access to certain programs or ones that you deem dangerous, and set limits that protect your child from accessing potentially harmful sites.
  • Use Monitoring Tools to Protect Your Child on the Internet - Once your child has ventured on to the world-wide-web, there are threats everywhere. One of the best ways to make sure they don’t see anything they shouldn’t is to keep a watchful eye on what they do while they’re on there, and monitor web searches and the pages their visiting. By understanding how they’re using the Web, you can figure out the best way to protect them.

Computers and the Internet, while beneficial for so many reasons, can also be a scary and risky place for anyone to be – even more so for children. If you’re looking for the best ways to protect your child while online and gain piece of mind, a Safety and Security Center from NerdsToGo can do just that.

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